Photoelectric sensor DRT25C from Leuze

The photoelectric sensor DRT25C from Leuze is a dynamic reference diffuse sensor that introduces a new principle of object detection to the market in the area of optical sensors. Reliably detect any object independent of shape or surface, without readjustment when changing objects.

Detect all objects

DRT 25C photoelectric sensor from Leuze boasts the innovative CAT technology, which transforms a simple diffuse sensor into a highly intelligent device.

It is taught in on a reference static or moving surface, which allows it to reliably detect nearly every object – regardless of shape, color and surface structure. Detect flat, glossy or transparent objects, as well as objects with openings. The reference surface can be a machine wall, a piece of sheet metal, or even a vibrating, moving conveyor belt.

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Exploit an innovative principle of detection

Most common application of the sensor is the detection of objects on conveyor belts. With the sensor, you will detect objects, regardless of the color of the belt, if it is wet, dirty, or if the belt vibrates. Thanks to the innovative principle of object perception, you will be able to detect objects of all shapes, sizes and orientations.

The sensor will work smoothly even if the detected objects are bright, flat, perforated, structured or transparent. You will be able to mount the sensor on a conveyor belt in the object detection application at a distance of up to 200 mm from the belt. It should be noted, the sensor is not intended for chain conveyors.

Install and adjust with ease

Complicated problems need simple solutions. That’s why the engineers have designed the DRT 25C photoelectric sensor to be very easy to use in your application. Easy procedure:

  1. Install it at the appropriate height. The appropriate distance is 50-200 mm and the recommended distance is 100 mm.
  2. Choose the appropriate level of sensor sensitivity:
  • press the “teach” button for 2–7 s
  • select if the conveyor belt is dirty or will eventually get dirty. Objects shall not be transparent, otherwise they will not be detected.
  • press the “teach” button for 7–12 s
  • select for standard applications. The conveyor may be a little dirty.
  • press the “teach” button for more than 12 s
  • choose when detecting transparent or very thin objects. The conveyor shall not be dirty, otherwise detection will be disrupted.

Take advantage of IO-Link connection

The DRT 25C photoelectronic sensor has an integrated IO-link communication. This allows you to easily set the sensor parameters via the PLC.

You can also read the data from the sensor and get real-time information on the state of the output signal, the temperature of the sensor, the state of additional functions (e.g., tracking) and more.

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Photoelectric Leuze sensor DRT25C

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