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Identification Solutions enable you to capture, collect, and transfer of data for automatic object identification. Leverage customized identification solutions provided by experts from Tipteh for increasing your operational efficiency in production and logistics, improving quality control and making a flexible future-proof investment.

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Automate identification and raise productivity

Identification solutions consulting

Automating the identification or tracking in production and logistics can provide timely and accurate information to the manager abolishing a time- & labour-intensive, error-prone, and unreliable traditional data collection.

For many years, different Identification Systems have been among core competencies of Tipteh. We offer a wide range of high quality products which will enable you maximum flexibility, reliability and system availability.

Our consulting and engineering services will ensure you get the best solution for your application.

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Meet the technologies, which will solve your tasks

As there are many types of objects in a wide array of production and logistics processes, more than just one type of technology is required for an accurate, task-specific identification execution. All of the systems presented below will enable you to convey large amounts of data in a small format.

In production and logistics, the identification of goods and materials through universally usable barcodes controls many processes. The area of the barcode readers’ application is correspondingly broad, from mobile hand-held operation to high-speed scanners for industrial applications.

Two-dimensional codes mostly consist of square-shaped groups of data cells (matrix) with a typical orientation symbol from which the code type can be recognized. Thus, 2D-identification is ideally suited for the additional applications, such as parts tracking, in which codes are directly affixed to the work piece.

With RFID, no direct “visual contact” between the read-write unit and transponder is necessary. Information from the transponder is received by means of electromagnetic waves. As a result, these systems can be used practically and reliably under even the most adverse conditions. RFID has proven itself as a powerful Auto-ID technology for Industry 4.0, with its contactless long-distance transmission of large amounts of information, and easy connection to higher-level systems from PLC to ERP.

Get guidance from plan to integration

A number of factors need to be considered for an effective identification system. Tipteh engineers provide you with their services throughout the entire project cycle.

From choosing the optimal RFID technology, through selection of the appropriate tags and interfaces, to seamless start-up and optimal integration with the control or IT system, they follow your needs and demands.

High Frequency (HF) technology (13.56 MHz) is an important driver of digital production processes based on magnetic near-field communication. However, if higher ranges or bulk readings of 200 data carriers and more are required, users should opt for Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology (865–928 MHz). Our modular RFID system BL ident enables the parallel operation of the read/write heads in the HF and UHF range. Moreover, thanks to protection class IP67, this can be done on site, allowing for consistently decentralized signal processing in the field.

Nowadays, communication in logistics and manufacturing plants is divided into hierarchically structured levels. RFID readers with an Ethernet interface establish a direct exchange of information with higher-level systems, such as PLC, SCADA, MES and ERP, or the cloud. Thus, goods’ movements are visible in real time, detected goods are matched with the database or, preferably, automatic invoices are created in the accounting software.

The platform-independent communication standard OPC UA simplifies the integration of RFID solutions into PLC, MES, ERP or cloud systems. With the AutoID Companion Specification, it is also possible to exchange devices between Auto-Id systems from different manufacturers. As Turck played a significant role in the development of the standard and has an own RFID interface with OPC UA server, it is available for you in Tipteh’s portfolio. For secure communication, the interface offers mixed operation of HF and UHF read/write heads.

Exploit the benefits of automated identification

  • Eliminate repetitive, time-consuming manual work and simplification of inventory management.
  • End-to-end identification and tracking of the goods flow.
  • Bulk reading: simultaneous detection of multiple tags.
  • Eliminate errors, g., during tool change or material feed.
  • Full transparency along the supply chain thanks to the clear allocation of goods
  • Tamper protection via individual coding
  • Expandable RFID system consisting of tags, read/write heads, interfaces, connectivity and fieldbus technology
  • Rewritable tags for sustainable use
  • Combination of HF and UHF detection for complex or new requirements
Identification Solutions

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