Safety Signal Processing Equipment

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Safety  Signal Processing Equipment provides the efficient and reliable integration of safety sensors in the machine safety circuit. It is used in the safety-related part of control systems to perform control so that the machine operation is permitted only when safety is confirmed. In this way, your safety solutions achieve the best-possible protection without interfering in the processes.

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Safeguard with the reliable products

Safety Signal Processing Equipment plays a central role as the logic unit in the safety-related part of the control system. Therefore, it is crucial to choose high-quality products ensuring flawless safety control system.

Products from our wide Safety Signal Processing Equipment portfolio come from top manufacturers:

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Choose from a large variety of Safety Signal Processing Equipment

Within the Safety Signal Processing Equipment, you can find safety controllers and safety relay modules for different safety technology applications (e.g., for guard door monitoring and emergency stop). Centralised programmable safety controllers and decentralised field bus systems, e.g., a modular concept for safety function control on largemachines are also available.

Safety Relay Modules ensure that the safety interlocks and E-stop functions are able to operate independent of the basic control system actions at all times. This is one of the most essential features of any safety control system. Modules respond to hazardous conditions by turning machinery off. You can use them to stop your equipment as well as to monitor doors and guard to protect equipment and operators.

Programmable Safety Controllers provide an interface between safety devices and machines and processes which those devices monitor, enabling you an easy-to-use safety control solution.

Safety signal processing equipment

Benefit from adjustable configuration

A major advantage of our safety relay modules is their multi-functionality. Each module can be configured for different applications. All conventional safety sensors and electromechanical safety equipment can be monitored.

The drastic reduction in the number of variants and the clear display of the relevant functions makes it considerably easier for you to select the right module for specific application.

Use safety signal processing for a range of applications

You will benefit from safety signal processing equipment in monitoring:

  • Emergency stop,
  • Safety guards,
  • Pull-wire emergency stop switches/position switches,
  • Magnetic safety sensors,
  • Active optoelectronic devices,
  • Two-hand control panels.

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