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AS-Interface is the simplest and most economical wiring system for the first level of industrial communication. Use it in your PLC, DCS and PC-based automation systems to connect field I/O devices using only a single cable, thus reducing your installation, wiring and connection costs. In addition, simple retrofitting of the safety technology with larger AS-i systems can further reduce your costs.

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Simplify device exchanges with AS-Interface


Actuator-Sensor Interface (AS-i) enables you easy wiring and easy operation. In a Master-Slave system, a single AS-i Master can exchange input and output data with up to 62 AS-i Slave devices. The latter can transfer up to 4 inputs and 4 outputs at any time, either analog or digital.

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AS-Interface Safety at work

ASIsafe or AS-I Safety at Work is a standard AS-Interface network with special ASIsafe components that enable its use in safety systems. AS-i Safety at Work is approved for applications with up to SIL3 safety requirements according to EN 61508 or PLe according to EN ISO 13 849-1:2006.

Compared to conventional safety solutions, the advantage of AS-i Safety at Work is the ability to send safe and unsafe signals over the same cable. This eliminates the previously required redundant infrastructure as well as the costs associated with complex and error-prone parallel wiring. An additional advantage is that components such as Emergency Stop pushbuttons, or safety door contacts can be connected directly to the AS-Interface network.


Reduce response time with AS-Interface


In comparison to traditional, complex devices, AS-Interface devices are extremely fast. The response time of a Slave device on an AS-i is much quicker than a single data acquisition cycle of a PLC.

As the transmissions between a Master and a Slave device on an AS-i are predefined and cyclic, you can easily and accurately calculate the time it takes for an output to switch on or off. This is especially useful for applications where timing is crucial.

No need for configurations

There is a simplicity to AS-Interface that makes it stand out from the competition. You do not need to program Master or Slave configurations, and there are no parameters to set. All that is required is that the AS-Interface Master be configured with the ID of each node device, then the Master sorts all parameters and everything else out.

The range of a typical AS-Interface device range is around 100 m. With repeaters and extension plugs it is increased to up to 600 m, making AS-i extremely useful for remote locations.

AS-Interface use

Get to know the AS-Interface components

AS-Interface components

The AS-Interface system is built of three components:

  • AS-i Master: provides the connection to the higher-level control system. It organizes the data traffic and is responsible for parameter setting, diagnostics, and monitoring.
  • AS-i Cables: carry the power and data to sensors (a yellow cable) and power to actuators (a black cable). Special piercing technology enables that the nodes can be literally snapped onto the cable, at any point.
  • AS-i Power Supply Unit: provides a constant regulated 30 V DC to supply power to the Master and the Slave devices. It also works as a data de-coupler, separating the power and data as they are both simultaneously transferred along the cable.

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