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Main Switches are elementary switching and protective devices for safe machine control. By applying or disconnecting the control panel from the power source they help you ensure that the electrical circuit is safe and de-energized during maintenance.

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BENEDICT Main switches

Our portfolio of main switches includes various types of devices. They are all featuring compact, space-saving designs and box terminals for large cable cross-sections that guarantee versatile applications.

Use the top-of-the-class switches for autonomous machine control e.g., as protection against short circuit and voltage flashover, wherever highest safety and current carrying capacity are required.

We offer the main switches from the renown companies:

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Follow standards and ensure safety

All electrical equipment of industrial machines must be equipped with a main switch in accordance with IEC/EN60204 or VDE0113 standards. These devices separate the circuit from the main power source and dispel any trapped charges.

Consequently, you can use them e.g., as repair switches to quickly switch off large machines and systems so that cleaning-, maintenance-, and repair work can be carried out safely. They also allow you to disconnect the equipment during some other longer periods of idleness. Or you can use the emergency stop function to protect equipment and operating personnel in hazardous situations and against overcurrent, faulty switching, and electric shocks.

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Check the requirements for the Main Switches

Main Switches general 1

When choosing the ideal main switches, it is important that they meet all the relevant requirements of IEC/EN 60204-1:

  • they may have only one ON and one OFF switch position; these positions must be clearly marked as I and O, respectively,
  • in the OFF position they must be lockable,
  • a TRIGGERing position is permissible but not mandatory,
  • with two or more main switches, protective interlocks must be used,
  • the line terminals must be protected according to utilization category (IP2X),
  • operating elements (handles) can be black or grey, except in
  • the main switches for the emergency stop function that must feature red handles and the contrasting yellow

Take advantage of a wide selection

You can choose among a range of main switch ratings and phase options i.e., 10-320 A current ratings and from 3-pole up to 8-pole versions, all offering useful features and benefits.

The individual series of main switches differ also in the type of installation or mounting e.g., switches with 4-hole mounting, central mounting, floor mounting, etc. are available.

You will select yellow and red color scheme, because emergency stop switches must be kept in, while switch-disconnectors without emergency stop function are recommended in black and gray.

BENEDICT Main switch

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