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Industrial Ethernet Switches are designed to connect devices in network environments that are subject to extreme operating temperatures of -40 °C to 75 °C, vibrations, and shocks. By meeting regulatory compliance and standards requirements, they enable you application and support of Ethernet in a wide range of network architectures.

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Connect devices with top-quality industrial Ethernet switches

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The Industrial Ethernet Switches from our extensive portfolio feature industrial-grade reliability, assured enterprise interoperability, network redundancy, comprehensive security, and easy management. They have multiple mounting options for faster and easier installations.

All these properties make them universally applicable in highly secure enterprise, IoT, and M2M solutions. With their help, you will maximize throughput, simplify installation, and reduce overall costs.

The high-quality switches are manufactured by world’s leading companies:

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An Ethernet switch – the brain of the network

To ensure the connectivity of devices the local Ethernet networks use various networking hardware. The industrial ethernet switch is the most important among them because it acts as a brain of the network, and it helps to connect the devices on a particular Local Area Network (LAN) effectively. The switch receives a message from a target source and forwards it to the intended device, thereby ensuring an effective data transmission between devices on a LAN.

Due to their growing importance, ethernet switches are designed in a wide range of configurations. Although they can be differentiated based on their ports, materials or other specifics, they mainly belong to two categories – the managed and unmanaged ethernet switches.

Choose from different industrial Ethernet switches

An Unmanaged Ethernet Switch is a device capable of transmitting data packets from one port to the other. It learns the MAC addresses that help a switch to remember, which port a device is plugged into. Meanwhile, a Managed Ethernet Switch knows the IP of the connected devices, providing you advanced network management options. A Lite, Semi-managed or Configurable Ethernet Switch is an unmanaged switch that supports main protocols of managed switch, e.g., STP, RSTP, VLAN, which makes it attractive and affordable for non-demanding applications.

While the Managed Ethernet Switch provides flexibility to you to control, manage, and prioritize the LAN traffic, an Unmanaged Ethernet Switch works like a plug and play (PnP) switch. The latter allows devices on the LAN to communicate with each other, without your intervention.

Other key differences between both switches cover:

The managed switch allows you to create new VLANs and segregate smaller devices. Using SNMP, it helps you manage and monitor the traffic effectively. This switch comes with advanced features that allow you to recover the data in the event of failure of the device or network.

Although an unmanaged switch is easy-to-use device, it comes with a fixed configuration. Therefore, you cannot make changes to the networks. This switch is consequently most commonly used in simple industrial systems, close to the end devices.

Some of the unmanaged ethernet switches have built-in QoS services, which ensure their easy setup and utility. By prioritizing Profinet packages, they fulfill Profinet Conformance Class A requirements to set up PROFINET networks.

However, the managed network switch allows you to manage the performance by prioritizing the channels. It utilizes e.g. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor the performance of all devices connected on the LAN and to analyze this performance through an easy-to-understand graphical interface. Additionally, SNMP also enables remote management of the connected devices and network, without physical access to the switch.

Besides with the SNMP, the switch configuration can be accessed in a number of ways, with the use of the remote connection protocols like SSH, Telnet or via Web interface.

The unmanaged switch has only basic security features such as a lockable port cover that helps avoid any type of direct tampering on the device. The managed ethernet switch, however, is equipped with advanced features that help identify and disable active threats on time to protec data and control.

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Make the right choice

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It is important that you choose the right industrial ethernet switch that meets the requirements of your IT scope. The pointers below may help you:

Depending on the type and number of devices connected to the switch, and the communication standards that your network must meet, choose either ProfiNET, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP. Use Power over Ethernet switch, to power cameras or other PoE devices.

Opt for a 100 Mbit, 1 GbE or 10 GbE switch depending on the bandwidth usage of the connected devices. Use an optical cable if your devices are far apart from each other or if there is a lot of electromagnetic interference.

Even if you transfer a limited amount of data across the network, the information may be sensitive and important. Therefore, manage your network with managed or Layer 3 switch to improve performance, achieve safety, and reduce the downtime.

Use Ethernet switches in a wide variety of applications

We offer products that are designed with professional application scenarios in mind, where sturdy and reliable products are required for highly secure enterprise, IoT, and M2M solutions. They provide multiple interfaces for a quick infrastructure setup, even with large device ecosystems.

You can use the industrial ethernet switches for vehicles and machines used in rugged operating environments and at extreme operating temperatures in many application fields, e.g.:

  • Manufacturing and automation industries,
  • Material handling,
  • Machine Building,
  • Transportation and traffic control,
  • Automotive manufacturing,
  • Processing plants,
  • Agriculture,
  • Construction,
  • Video surveillance,
  • and much more.
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