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Machine Vision Solutions are image-based automatic inspections that will help you solve complex tasks reliably and consistently. Our skilled engineers use this technology to leverage computer vision and network cameras for 100% product control, speeding up your production, increasing product quality and work safety, as well as reducing production costs.

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Machine Vision encompasses applications in which a you can automate operational guidance of different devices. Based on captured and processed images, devices execute their functions. Machine Vision enable a 100% product control, which detects rare occurrences that are not detected with conventional methods. You can also develop rapid measurement/control and eliminate human factors in quality control.

Tipteh is a leading provider of Machine Vision solutions. Our highly skilled engineers will help you develop the high-tech cost-optimal solutions. Machine Vision systems will help you automate many applications, from assembly verification to a complex 3D robotic bin-picking. Machine Vision will also enable you to reduce human involvement in your process and assure a higher level of safety.

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We also offer a wide range of top visual inspection equipment for all types of testing. We are a long term partners with leading machine vision companies, which allows us to provide our customers with a perfect solution for any task, e.g.:

  • assembly inspection (presence, color, shape),
  • reliable dimension measurement (width, height, angle),
  • product tracking (position, rotation),
  • defect detection (scratches, burr),
  • part identification (code reading, shape recognition),
  • guide your robot (positioning, rotation).

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When a product is defective or non-conforming or has to be scrapped, it’s costly. Especially, if it isn’t detected before large-scale production begins. Using our Machine Vision system for quality control, you can, reduce the risk of shipping defective or non-conforming parts to your customers. Our system effectively detects and removes such parts, ensuring that you deliver only 100% quality parts to your customers. E.g., you can perform an in-mold inspection to detect molded part defects.

After acquiring the image of a bottle and storing it in memory, vision software of our fill-level inspection system processes or analyses it and issues a pass-fail response based on the fill level of the bottle.

  • Machine vision system can provide location information that e.g., guides a robot to align parts in a manufacturing process or to accurately pick the part and place it in other location.
  • After the camera detects a rotation angle of a certain part, robot uses this data to properly place the part in a machine or a box for packaging.
  • A camera system that detects orientation of the sharp-edged metal parts can provide that each edge is brushed by an expensive de-sharpening brush only once, which extends their lifespan by 50%.

Camera checks for presence of a certain part, e.g., a nut in a car handbrake lever. If the nut is not present, the lever is removed.

Camera reliably inspects electrical connector for correct wiring based on color recognition. When camera acquires image of a connector with wiring, an algorithm inspects each cable for correct color at each position.

Image-based barcode readers reliably decode industrial barcodes. There are several advantages of the image-based readers: omnidirectional code reading (reads codes from any angle or orientation), great read rate performance (achieves high read rates even on challenging codes), barcode quality feedback (grades barcode quality to identify problems faster), 2D codes reading, and more.

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