Manual Motor Starters

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Manual Motor Starters are electromechanical protection devices for switching electrical motors ON/OFF manually. They enable you cost- and space-saving fuseless protection against thermal overload, short circuit, and phase failures.

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Top-quality manual motor starters for ultimate protection

Manual motor starters system

Our portfolio of the manual motor starters (also known as manual motor protection circuit breakers or manual motor protectors) includes an extensive variety of devices. They feature a compact, space-saving design, simple connecting links and setting range from 0.16 A up to 32 A.

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Reduce machine downtime and costs

The manual motor starters integrate circuit breaker and overload relay functions. They enable you to reduce machine downtime, trouble shooting and maintenance expenditures by protecting your motors.

Their main benefits are:

  • harmonized main accessory range (auxiliary contacts, signal contacts, shunt trips and undervoltage releases),
  • compact design,
  • efficient planning and installation,
  • simple connecting links ensure electrical and mechanical connection to build direct-on-line starters,
  • push-in spring terminals offer unique, fast, easy, and reliable connections,
  • protection from automatic restart in combination with under voltage release.
Manual motor starters tripping

Protect, isolate, and control electrical motors

Manual motor starters

Electrical motors should be protected against overloads and short circuits. Moreover, they should be isolated from the main supply. In the combination of the manual motor starter and contactor, the former provides the protection and isolation functions.

After detecting an overload or short circuit, the manual motor starter disconnects all phases from the supply, isolating the motor from the supply. By reacting very quickly manual motor starters also increase the device’s reliability. They protect load-side circuits against damage.

Check the main features of manual motor starters

  • Manual control of electrical motors, short-circuit current and overload protection
  • Adjustable current setting for overload protection and magnetic trip indication
  • Disconnection function
  • Temperature compensation
  • Remote control via undervoltage release or shunt trip
  • Short-circuit service breaking capacity (Ics) up to 100 kA
  • Setting Range 0.16–32 A, with overload- and instantaneous short-circuit release
  • Switch position-indicator
Manual motor starters features

Use manual motor starters in various applications

Manual motor starters

You can benefit from the manual motor starters, as a reliable, cost-efficient solution for motor protection, in many industrial applications such as:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Packaging machines
  • Pumps
  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Mining
  • Sawmills
  • and much more

Available accessories of manual motor starters

Auxiliary contacts remotely indicate the state of the contacts in the starter. They can be used for relaying, electrical locking or signalling. They change position with the main contacts of the manual motor starter, opening/closing a separate circuit depending on the position of the device.

Auxiliary contacts are available as normally open or normally closed contacts.

Signalling contacts signal the tripping of the manual motor starter. They are available as normally open or normally closed contacts.

Shunt release opens the motor starter when the control voltage rises above 0.7 times the rated voltage. The tripping occurs when a supply current is applied.

Under voltage release opens the motor starter when the control voltage drops below the trip threshold. It releases the manual motor starter or prevents it from being switched on when its voltage supply is interrupted. You can use it in emergency switching circuits or for preventing an automatic restart after voltage interruption.

Manual motor starters are often combined with contactors. Three-phase busbar connectors with associated feeder terminals ensure you a quick and safe connection for several manual motor starters.

The handle and shaft solution utilizing a door coupling rotary mechanism allows you to operate a manual motor starter in the back of a switch cabinet from the outside.

Manual motor starters accesories

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