ABB / K-TEK is a level measurement company which was founded in 1975 and acquired by a leading global technology company ABB in 2010.

The level detection technology from ABB / K-TEK is still used across the globe in various industries for both critical and non-critical applications.

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Leader in level detection

Detect levels with leading ABB / K-TEK technology

As a leader in level detection, K-TEK provides solutions for the most difficult liquids and solids level applications.

  • Magnetic level gauges

  • Level transmitters

  • Level switches

  • Level measurement accessories

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Detect a variety of materials

K-TEK’s Smart solutions for Continuous level Detection allow you to measure a variety of liquids, including corrosive, flammable and toxic materials. With their help you can increase safety, reliability and performance and also lower costs.

Their products are available in a wide range of level measurement technologies: magnetostrictive, guided wave radar, laser and ultrasonic. A high-class magnetic level gauge (MLG) KM26 is well known product around the globe. ABB also has the best laser level products on the market.

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Increase productivity and sustainability

Beside their level measurement products, other high-quality Measurement & Analytics products in process automation can help you achieve a more productive and sustainable future.

In their product portfolio you can also find equipment for:

  • flow measurement,
  • pressure measurement,
  • temperature measurement products,
  • water analytics.
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