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Industrial PCs (IPCs) are computers used to control processes or for data acquisition. The benefits of industrial PCs are low-power consumption, performance efficiency and reliability. They are perfect for intensive data processing such as vision or imaging systems. Networking equipment enables you data transfer from your devices and communication. You can control of your processes and manage them efficiently and remotely.

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Implement future-proof IPC solutions

Industrial Computers (IPCs) are able to interface with higher-level plant operating systems. With their asset tracking, visualization, and simulation capabilities, they help you enhance productivity, reduce defect rate, reduce costs and increase profitability. You can use IPCs for automation, data acquisition, security, transportation, POS/POI, kiosk, HMI, gaming machine, digital signage, digital surveillance, security, network communication, telecom, …

Take advantage of Axiomtek’s leading experience and choose the perfect Industrial PC. Their huge product range includes Industrial Motherboards and Modules, Systems and Platforms, Industrial Panel PCs and Artificial Internet of Things (AIoT) Solutions.

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Meet our wide range of industrial PCs

Choosing Axiomtek’s Industrial Computers will enable you to achieve your goals. Their industrial PC systems feature a rugged and fanless design, high performance CPUs, and multiple expansion options. They ensure longevity, durability, reliability, and ease of installation.

Axiomtek has also created many advanced Solutions covering Industrial Automation, Transportation, Retail, Power and Energy, and more. Within Industrial Automation, you can benefit from Smart manufacturing, Smart Factory, Warehouse Automation, Intelligent Warehouse Management, and many other solutions. They are developed to help you improve productivity level and overall operational performance, reduce costs, and ultimately increase profitability.

We also offer a huge range of Axiomtek related product groups:

  • Industrial and Embedded Motherboards,
  • Single Board Computers,
  • System-on-Modules,
  • Intelligent Transportation System,
  • Touch Panel PCs,
  • Medical Panel Computers,
  • Human Machine Interface,
  • Digital Signage Players,
  • Industrial IoT Gateways,
  • Industrial Firewall,
  • EtherCAT Master Controllers,
  • Industrial Networking and Converters and
  • Network Appliances

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Unlock remote access and complete control

The industrial Networking equipment field has adopted ProfiNet, Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP for industrial processes control, which converged industrial and enterprise networks and data flow across your enterprise.

IoT and IIoT platforms now connect your hardware to the cloud, help you establish enterprise-grade security and provide great processing powers to analyze your data. This allows you to easily access and implement monitoring and servicing tasks from anywhere at a manageable cost.

Here you will find equipment from leading manufacturers:

Explore our huge range of networking equipment

Industrial Ethernet Switches and Routers feature industrial-grade reliability, network redundancy, strengthened security, easy management, and competitive price-to-performance ratios. They are geared towards your requirements in terms of performance, efficiency, and investment reliability.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes: Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches, different Managed Industrial Switches, Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switches, Fast Ethernet Entry-level Switches, Industrial Cellular Routers, Rackmount Switches, and much more.

Industrial Network Security systems are firewall solutions uniquely designed and certified to protect your assets.

Industrial Wireless Radios, Controllers, Sensors, Lighting and Indicators and matching Accessories (e.g., antennas, cables, add-on modules etc.), connect the field level with the control level in a cost-effective and efficient way. They are suited for a variety of your applications and form a key part of Industry 4.0. As they are highly robust and reliable you can use them also in difficult environments.

Fiber Optic Fieldbus Repeaters and Modems transmit data over several miles/kilometers, while the Fieldbus connects your field instruments and measurement with control devices via serial, two-way communication systems, enabling real-time distributed control.

IoT and IIoT Platforms are the multi-layer leading technologies that will enable you straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of connected devices within the IoT universe. They will help you boost efficiency, productivity, employee safety and much more.

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