I/O Modules for Industrial Fieldbus

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I/O Modules for Industrial Fieldbus help you group signals from sensors on a machine and monitor and control the entirety of industrial equipment. They bring invaluable data and connectivity to your machine-building projects, while saving you valuable installation space and cost.

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I/O Modules for Industrial Fieldbus

Our portfolio of extension I/O devices for Industrial Fieldbus includes block I/O Modules as well as fieldbus modular I/O Systems. You can choose from a wide range of products from the renown companies:

Learn about the differences between the two – block I/O modules and modular fieldbus I/O systems

Block I/O modules allow precisely tailored solutions for every signal requirement. They are distinguished by their simple, distributed wiring. They effectively reduce the number of device variants needing to be reserved.

You can use them in networks with PROFINET, Ethernet/IP or Modbus-TCP control, without modifying them. Their multiprotokol functionality not only reduces storage costs, but also supports the digitization of your production.

Modular fieldbus I/O systems map the signal requirements of each application. The individual composition of the electronic modules provides precise and highly efficient mapping.

These systems boast high level of intelligence, individualization, and flexibility. In addition, they shorten your planning and commissioning times in project work and allow parallel connection to OT and IT networks.

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Add, increase, or expand PLC functionality

I/O Modules for Industrial Fieldbus provide you with a wider range of solutions for industrial automation by increasing the functionality of the PLC controller. On a fieldbus system, devices can communicate data between each other and the host control system, using a single pair of wires. With fieldbus, your data is not limited to a measurement variable, but also includes diagnostics data, status information, and alarms.

Apart from much less cabling, the fieldbus I/O is distinguished by smaller cabinet footprint and higher accuracy of the measured variable, as it isn’t converted to a current loop. The possibility of control performed in the field devices lessens the effort of the control system.

Improve process efficiency with fieldbus I/O Modules

Reduce machine manufacturing costs with I/O modules by saving on storage costs, reducing implementation time, and shortening start up times. You will also save due to the uniform connection of devices to the I/O module.

In addition, the I/O modules will allow you to configure your machine at any time. During machine process changes, you will be able to replace devices connected to the module, even while the machine is running. This will make your production line much more flexible.

With the help of the fieldbus I/O modules, you will always know the condition of your machine. They will also provide you with diagnostic information about errors. This will make it easier for you to carry out preventive maintenance and implement appropriate measures in a timely manner.

Fieldbus products resist harsh industrial environments

The use of devices to improve production processes in industrial applications is only possible if all components survive the difficult environment. I.e., they must endure hot, humid, and harsh conditions.

Depending on the requirements of your application, you can choose from a range of fieldbus I/O Modules and Systems from different protection classes:

  • Ex fieldbus products for an explosive environment are designed and certified to meet the highest requirements in terms of explosion protection in process automation.
  • IP67 fieldbus products that are water- and dust-proof can be mounted directly in the field.
  • IP20 fieldbus products that are protected only against solid objects, are intended for Control Cabinet installation.
I/O Modules installation

Benefit from a great variety of options

I/O Modules for Industrial Fieldbus

A variety of available fieldbus I/O system options determines configuration of the fieldbus system. Depending on your needs you can choose between analog and/or digital signals.

To connect your devices to a fieldbus system, several industrial networks and protocols are available. Depending on your requirements and specifications you have the choice between PROFIBUS-DP, PROFIBUS-PA, Foundation fieldbus, DeviceNet, CANopen and Modbus RTU/ASCII. Also the Ethernet protocols PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and EtherCAT are available.

You can also choose between a distributed I/O or remote I/O. The former features multiple controllers and a brain or some computing capacity. The latter, however, is at remote place physically located a distance from a control PLC. It doesn’t have a brain or capability of any computing function at all. There is only one controller, or PLC, involved. This type of set up comes in useful when modules are located in hazardous zones.

Use fieldbus technology in various applications

You can use block I/O modules and modular fieldbus I/O systems in a wide range of process automation applications, e.g.:

  • Data acquisition for Industry 4.0
  • Modular machine building
  • Distributed assembly production lines, F&B, intralogistics, etc.

Some of them are designed and certified to meet the highest requirements in terms of availability and explosion protection in process automation, especially in the:

  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Chemical and
  • Oil & Gas industries.
I/O Modules for Industrial Fieldbus application

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