CoDeSys controller for use in demanding environments

Turck is presenting its TBEN-PLC controller with IP67 protection and CoDeSys 3 software development system for controlling small and modular devices. The robust and compact TBEN-PLC controller enables the implementation of modular device concepts for Industry 4.0, without the need to use electrical cabinets.

Mount TBEN-PLC controller outside the cabinet

Thanks to its robust housing and high level of protection, the TBEN-PLC can be mounted without the need for an electrical cabinet. The controller can operate in a wide temperature range from -40 °C to +70 °C and in demanding work environments where dust, moisture and various types of dirt are common.

The concept of automating machines using pre-assembled cables reduces wiring costs and simplifies start-up. Decentralized solutions for the installation of controllers and I/O modules, without the use of a safety cabinet, save time and implementation costs at the same time.

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Customize TBEN-PLC controller to your application

The flexibility of the new TBEN-PLC controller  is reflected in the large number of communication interfaces.

When the controller is connected as a master, it supports Modbus RTU, CANopen and SAE J1939, in addition to industrial Ethernet protocols: Profinet, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP.

The RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces can be used in accordance with the CoDeSys 3 software environment. The controller contains eight universal I/O channels for direct connection of sensors and actuators.

Make your production flexible

TBEN-PLC can also be run as a slave (respectively device), in Ethernet networks Profinet, EtherNet / IP and Modbus TCP, as well as in Modbus RTU and CANopen network, which allows us to use the controller as a protocol converter.

The controller can e.g. acts as a device manager networked in CANopen and at the same time communicates with a module that uses the Profinet protocol. In the trend of digitalization of the industry, this type of controller allows us to adapt existing hardware concepts to the requirements of networked and flexible production.

TBEN-PLC controller Turck

Achieve the highest level of safety

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In combination with the security I / O module and other Turck I / O technologies in IP67 protection, comprehensive machine control, including security technology, can be performed without the use of electrical cabinets.

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TBEN-PLC controller Turck

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