Predictive Maintenance for Cost and Time Efficiency

Are unexpected motor failures or wear and tear of machine parts costing you valuable time and money in production? It’s time to take action with an advanced automated wireless solution that empowers you with predictive maintenance. Stay ahead of potential issues and ensure smooth, efficient and safe operations.

Switch to Wireless for Predictive Maintenance

Industrial devices often face harsh conditions, especially outdoors. Extreme temperature and vibration can lead to reduced performance or catastrophic failure if not addressed promptly. Monitoring machinery performance enables corrective action before major issues arise, saving time and money on repairs and downtime.

Traditionally, maintenance teams use periodic data collection and analysis, which is costly and lacks real-time results. In contrast, wireless solutions enable predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring. Forward-thinking businesses adopt this approach, using data, analytics, and machine learning to optimize equipment performance and longevity.

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Benefits at Glance

Predictive maintenance benefits

Wireless technology enables real-time monitoring and the collection of large amounts of data, allowing for quicker trend identification, process optimization, and business decision-making.

Most operators need to dedicate large amounts of their time to manually check on motors and other machine parts to ensure that they are working properly, cutting into the overall production time.

By providing predictive maintenance capabilities, wireless solutions help prevent costly downtime and repairs. Additionally, you save on wiring costs.

With wireless monitoring, technicians can remotely assess equipment status and conditions, reducing the need for manual inspections in hazardous environments.

Wireless systems are easier to install and expand compared to wired alternatives, providing greater flexibility in adapting to changing production needs. They offer the advantage of covering multiple units over a large area.

Wireless solutions enable remote monitoring and control of industrial equipment, allowing for easier access to data and insights from anywhere with an internet connection.

Predictive maintenance enabled by wireless technology helps schedule maintenance tasks more efficiently, reducing downtime and improving overall equipment reliability.

Prevent Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Monitoring industrial devices necessitates robust and durable wireless products (e.g., sensors, nodes, controllers etc.), capable of withstanding high vibration, temperature fluctuations, and challenging or even hazardous environments. Moreover, quick and easy installation, along with an intuitive setup design, is desirable.

Tipteh d.o.o.’s range of premium products from world-renowned manufacturers includes various products that can be integrated to monitor machine health remotely in real time, forming an early warning system for predictive maintenance. Whether the system is in a new build or you want to retrofit the solutions you have in an existing environment – all devices can be easily integrated into your automation system.

Predictive maintenance alerts

Detect and React Before It’s Too Late

Predictive maintenance

By installing wireless sensors on industrial equipment, operators can consistently receive readings that indicate potential failures. This system not only detects declining asset performance at an early stage, ensuring ample time for proper maintenance to keep the asset healthy, but also sends warnings or alerts to notify the maintenance team of any sudden changes in performance, allowing for quick intervention.

Optimizing maintenance in this way helps plants avoid catastrophic failures that could prematurely end the life of the asset.

Use case: Monitoring Vibration and Temperature

Increased vibration and temperature often indicate imbalanced, misaligned, loose, or worn parts, or insufficient lubrication on bearings, making them a critical factor to monitor as they can lead to machine damage. Wireless vibration and temperature sensors act as a “check engine light” for machines, especially remote ones. By monitoring motors, compressors, pumps, fans, and gearboxes, issues can be detected early, preventing severe problems and costly downtime.

Condition monitoring solutions simplify establishing vibration and temperature baselines and setting warning and alarm thresholds. When a threshold is exceeded, a signal can be sent to a central wireless tower light or via email or text alert. Additionally, vibration and temperature data can be sent to a wireless logic controller or PLC for collection and analysis.

  • Easy retroffiting of the control system without intervention in it
  • Reliable machine operation through monitoring with individual data vizualization and automatic alarms
  • Targeted assignment of technical personnel thanks to efficient, predictive maintenance
  • Access to data of motors with limited accessibility
Predictive maintenance use case

Your Path to Predictive Maintenance

  • Identify process equipment that could contribute to downtime
  • Prioritize your equipment’s need for predictive maintenance
  • Determine what metrics need to be gathered to get the insights you need
  • Contact Tipteh to provide a solution best fit to your needs
  • Get started

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Predictive maintenance wireless solutions

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