Compact and Flexible AZ Series Safety Switches

The AZ Series safety switches from Schmersal, featuring a separate actuator, monitor the guard position of right and left-hand hinged or sliding guards. The rotating actuator head of the AZ Series and the option of combining with various actuators provide maximum flexibility in installation and a wide range of universal applications.

Utilize the Rotation

Schmersal’s electromechanical safety switches of the AZ Series, featuring a separate actuator, monitor the guard position of hinged or sliding guards. The most notable characteristic of the AZ 215/AZ 216 and AZ 315/AZ 316 switches is their rotating actuator head crafted from die-cast zinc.

Prior to installation, it can be easily rotated in 90° increments, allowing approach from four different directions on the side, as well as from above.

Safety Switches AZ Series Schmersal

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Harness versatile application

AZ Series flexibility and versatility

With its flexible design and the ability to pair with different actuators, the AZ Series offers users unmatched installation adaptability and a wide array of versatile applications.

The designer can use the AZ switch for both right and left-hand designs on both hinged and sliding guard doors.

Easily Integrate the AZ Series

The plastic or metal switch housing maintains an identical design and size as the position switches of the PS 215/216 and PS 315/316 Series, ensuring that the AZ Series boasts an equally compact design and can be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding construction.

The smaller AZ 215 and AZ 216 switches conform to the EN 50047 standard, while the larger AZ 315 and AZ 316 switches adhere to the EN 50041 standard

Safety Switches AZ Series Schmersal

Connect effortlessly

AZ Series rotated terminals

Alongside the standard version featuring M20 cable entry and connection terminals, options with 4 or 8-pin M12 connectors are also available, depending on the number of contacts required. Equipped with an integrated 8-pin connector, The AZ Series can seamlessly interface with the SFB Safety Fieldbox.

Additionally, device versions featuring three contacts in various combinations can serve a signaling purpose alongside their primary safety function.

The connection terminals on the switch elements, rotated by 45°, facilitate swift and effortless wiring.

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