Small pull-wire switches for heavy-duty applications

Schmersal has developed compact pull-wire switches that can be used in applications with limited installation space. With their robust housing and high degree of protection, they withstand even the most demanding conditions in industrial environments.

Install pull-wire switches even in the smallest spaces

The new space-saving range of pull-wire switches TQ215/TQ315 in ZQ215/ZQ315 from Schmersal is suitable for applications in cramped installation spaces. The dimensions of these compact switches are based on the standards for position switches – EN 50047 and EN 50041.

The compact pull-wire switches are equipped with a durable metal enclosure, a wide temperature range, and an impressive IP67 protection class. These features make them ideal for outdoor applications and for use in most demanding environments, including the mining industry, heavy industry, and raw materials processing.

Pull-wire switches Schmersal

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Take advantage of the modular design

Pull-wire emergency stop switches Schmersal

Like limit switches from Schmersal, also the new series of pull-wire switches is also modular in design, and all switches can be individually configured and equipped with up to three switching contacts, various connection options as well as LED status indicators.

The inclusion of LED status indicators enables you to easily identify the actuated device, significantly reducing the time spent searching for an activated emergency stop. This feature helps minimize or even prevent unnecessary downtime.

Check out main characteristics of the switches

  • Compact metal enclosure
  • Wire pull and breakage detection
  • Pulling direction of the eye to the left or right
  • Release pushbutton on the pull-wire emergency stop switch
  • Lengths of wire up to 25 m
  • Optionally available with status LED
Wire pull and breakage detection switches Schmersal

Use pull-wire switches for emergency shutdown

The TQ215/TQ315 pull-wire switches offer the functionality of signal transmitters, making them suitable for applications such as starting machinery and plants. The switching command can be initiated at any point along the wire, with wire lengths of up to 25 m available.

Pull-wire switches ZQ215/ZQ315 with an emergency stop function are also available in the same compact design. They feature an unlocking function that requires active reset before the next actuation. The advantage of pull-wire switches over mushroom head emergency-stop push buttons is that the emergency-stop function can be triggered anywhere along the wire. With a wire length of up to 25 m available, these switches are capable of safeguarding even large danger areas.

Benefit from the enhanced durability of the pull-wire switch ZQ901

The new ZQ901 pull-wire emergency stop switch now boasts a robust stainless steel enclosure. Thanks to its optimal mechanical and chemical protection it serves as an ideal solution for a wide range of applications in demanding industrial environments. It can, for example, be used in material handling and transport systems, as well as in large-scale systems in the food and chemical industries.

The tried-and-tested technology, used in industrial settings, meets the highest availability standards. The ZQ901, with a wire length of up to 75 m, offers an emergency-stop function and manual reset, as well as wire break detection. In conjunction with an appropriate safety analysis, this pull-wire emergency stop switch can be used up to PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

Pull-wire emergency stop switches ZQ901 Schmersal

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