IP67 Safety light grids MLD 300 / 500

The MLD 300 / 500 safety light grids from Leuze guard access at industrial machines and systems. These IP67 transmitter-receiver systems and transceivers with the operating ranges of up to 70 m and 8 meters, respectively, are perfect for cost-effective application and easy installation. Use them to protect the operator and facilitate efficient processes.

Provide effective safeguarding

Machine safety no longer means just personnel protection. It also makes an important contribution to the efficient and smooth flow of processes. Safety Light Grids (also Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices) are electro-sensitive protective devices for access guarding at machines and systems. If one or more of their 2-4 light beams is interrupted, a machine or system is stopped. In this way, they prevent a wide range of damages from fatal accidents to various injuries, and costly, time-consuming damage to production equipment.

Leuze’s IP67 multiple light beam safety devices of the MLD 300 (type 2) and MLD 500 (type 4) series are available as 2-, 3- and 4-beam transmitter-receiver systems for large operating ranges up to 70 m and as cost-efficient 2- and 3-beam transceiver systems for operating ranges up to 8 m.

Safety light grids MLD Leuze

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  • With 2, 3 and 4‑beam versions and operating ranges up to 70m, the MLD family always offers the right solution
  • Practical swivel mount and clamp brackets for fast installation and alignment
  • Easy setup of multi‑sided access guarding together with the easy‑to‑adjust UMC mirror columns
  • Integrated laser alignment aid for easy alignment even over long distances
  • Integrated muting functions for the easy setup of access guarding on conveyor lines

Highlights of the MLD safety light grids 

The transceiver systems consist of an active transmitter/receiver and a passive deflecting mirror without electrical connection. This allows cost‑effective solutions with low installation effort for operating ranges up to 8 meters.

The transmitter‑receiver systems consist of a separate transmitter and receiver with electrical connection for applications with large operating ranges up to 70 meters. Deflecting mirrors can be added for multi‑sided safe‑guarding.

The device allows for easy configuration of all settings through pin assignment, saving time and money during the commissioning process and ensuring error-free configuration. Furthermore, the device supports plug-and-play functionality, enabling effortless swapping without the need for reconfiguration.

The MLD is effortless to align, thanks to its practical swivel mounts and clamp brackets. With the integrated laser alignment aid, alignment can be swiftly and easily accomplished, even over long distances and when installing multi-sided safeguarding with mirror columns.

The columns’ base features spring elements that enhance the system’s reliability by absorbing mechanical impacts and automatically resetting the columns to their original position. This eliminates the need for alignment or repair work.

The integrated, multi‑color indicator lights provide clear and constant visibility of the status of the OSSD outputs. They also indicate reset requests whenever necessary.

The DC and UDC device columns enable easy, freestanding mounting of the MLD safety light grids. Special mounting brackets ensure simple installation and fast alignment of the devices.

The UMC mirror columns ensure simple and reliable set-up of multi-sided access guarding.

The spring elements in the foot of the columns absorb mechanical impacts and reset the columns automatically into their initial position. Alignment or repair work is unnecessary.

Set-AC: With the pre-mounted and ready‑to‑use setup, the Set-AC muting sensor set ensures fast and error‑free commissioning. It works together with MLD safety light grids and is mounted easily to the side of the UDC device column or directly to the MLDs.

MLDSET: Protective sensor set offers complete solutions for access guarding with muting function. Thanks to the ready‑to‑use design with pluggable connections, the pre-mounted set guarantees efficient setup and fast commissioning.

The muting functions effectively manage and supervise the bridging operation for material transportation on conveyor lines. By utilizing signals from muting sensors, they differentiate between transported goods and individuals. Muting functions are available in different safety sensors and control components, depending on the specific application.

Access guarding with muting function can be seamlessly integrated into the safety circuit of the system control using OSSD outputs. These muting functions are already integrated into the devices and can be easily configured as needed. Safety functions do not need to be programmed.

Use safety light grids in different applications

Safety light grids MLD application: One‑sided access guarding

One‑sided access guarding


Access to a dangerous area at a machine or system is to be guarded.


To enable simple entry and exit of material, the MLD 300 / 500 safety light grids can be used. The transceiver models with an operating range of up to 8 m are especially easy to install. For wide‑area guarding, transmitter-receiver models are available with a range of up to 70 m.

Multi‑sided access guarding


Access to the working range is to be guarded while the machine is in operation. To enable material entry and exit, the machine must be easily accessible from multiple sides.


The MLD 300 / 500 safety light grids in combination with the UMC mirror columns safeguard access to the machine on multiple sides and over lengths of up to 70 m. The integrated laser alignment aid makes installation quick and easy.

Safety light grids MLD application: Multi‑sided access guarding
Safety light grids MLD application: • Access guarding on conveyor lines

Access guarding on conveyor lines, with muting function


Access guarding on conveyor lines is to prevent persons from accessing the danger zone, while at the same time allowing the transported goods to pass through.


The muting function bridges the safety sensor in a controlled manner to allow the transported goods to pass through. Various muting functions are already integrated in the MLD safety light grids:

  • 2‑sensor muting, time‑controlled; Universal solution for entry and exit.
  • 2‑sensor muting, sequence controlled; Only for exit zones. For increased requirements.
  • 4‑sensor muting, time‑controlled; For entry and exit. For increased requirements.

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