Door Handle System Providing Machine Status Control

Schmersal’s safe, robust and ergonomic DHS Door Handle System features seven user-assigned colours to clearly signal different machine operating statuses. This “all-inclusive” system saves installation time and, with position monitoring and guard locking options, covers all the functions of the human-machine interface on the safety gate.

The Colour Makes the Difference

The operator should be informed of the machine’s status at all times, and the safety devices should not interfere with the work. Therefore, door handle systems should be safe, ergonomic, easy to install, and offer high transparency at the human-machine interface, giving users full control.

Schmersal’s DHS Door Handle System stands out with its RGB technology, allowing the robust handle to be illuminated in seven colours. These colours, which the user can control and assign to different machine operating statuses, provide clear and unmistakable signals, enhancing control and visibility.

Door Handle System Schmersal - handle colours

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“All Inclusive” Door Handle System

Door Handle System Schmersal, button colours

For machine builders and operators, the new DHS door handle system provides the advantage of eliminating the need for separate door handles, indicator lights, or control devices. This integration saves installation time, particularly for enclosures or safety gates made from standard 40 mm profile systems.

The door handle is equipped with a push button, which users can customize with the supplied button caps in different colours. This push button can serve various functions, such as a reset or to release the safety gate’s opening mechanism. Versions without push buttons and lighting are also available.

Combine the Door Handle System and Control Panel

Operators can easily recognize machine status at a glance, with all necessary functions conveniently accessible, thanks to the BDF40 control panel designed specifically for the DHS. Featuring four operating/display elements, the BDF40’s flat design allows easy integration into the surrounding structure. Available with or without an emergency stop function, it can be seamlessly combined with the DHS door handle system using a connecting element.

Alternatively, the new BDF module can be installed as a stand-alone control panel. The 12-pin M12 connection ensures quick and error-free installation, while the optional MS mounting kit provides a high level of tamper protection.

Door Handle System with Control Panel BDF40

Monitor Position of the Safety Gate

Door Handle System with AZM40

The DHS door handle system can be combined with safety switching devices for position monitoring and even for interlocking of safety gates.

There are two options for position monitoring:

The actuator’s variable mounting position allows it to be placed left, right, or above the door handle. In the F0 and F1 versions, the RSS260 handles safety relay module tasks, monitoring the guard and controlling contactors directly through integrated logic. This eliminates the need for a separate evaluation unit.

The F0 version automatically restarts the machine when all guard doors are closed, with an optional ‘enable’ button available for the feedback circuit (EDM – External Device Monitoring).

For scenarios with dangerous overtravel movements or process protection needs, the DHS system can integrate the AZM40, the world’s smallest electronic solenoid interlock. Its bistable guard locking maintains the last locking state during power failures, keeping the guard locked. Options include emergency unlocking from outside and escape release from the danger zone.

The AZM40 can be mounted on 40 mm profile systems, with universal mounting plates available for other profile widths, ensuring quick and cost-effective installation.

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Solenoid Interlock AZM40 Schmersal

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