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Optical Positioners enable a position data acquisition of moving system parts that need to automatically work together. Their fast and accurate part positioning is indispensable for dynamic control functions with millimeter accuracy in logistics and warehouses.

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Optical positioners include Optical Laser Distance Sensors and Barcode Positioning Systems that operate on two operating principles. They calculate distances to moving system parts contact-free with maximum accuracy at ranges up to 300 m (in straight lines) and 10 km (in straight lines and curves), respectively.

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Optical Laser Distance Sensors measure distance to moving system parts contact-free, in straight line, against a reflector. They calculate distance in cycles lasting just milliseconds and with absolute precision at ranges up to 300 m. They provide the distances required for dynamic control functions with millimeter accuracy using the latest signal processors and a unique selection of Industrial Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces.

Barcode Positioning Systems measure distance to moving system parts contact-free, in straight line as well as in curves. They have a red-light laser which determines the position and speed relative to a bonded barcode tape. The laser’s read head that is moved along a barcode tape calculates the absolute position data in the direction of travel with maximum accuracy over distances of up to 10 km. The simple usability with maximum possible performance reserves for fault-free operation of the barcode positioning systems.

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Detect position fast and reliably

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The optical laser distance sensors come in handy wherever position data of moving system components (e.g., in high-bay warehouses) needs to be detected quickly and reliably. You can benefit from a variety of integrated interfaces, as measurement can partially be transmitted even on two interfaces simultaneously, e.g., for control and diagnostic purposes. The comprehensive set of integrated functionalities allows you to use these sensors to detect and indicate the borderline situations. Also, timely pre-failure messages are provided with their extensive diagnostic functions.

Use the barcode positioning systems wherever the system places complex demands in the areas of configuration, velocity measurement and traverse rate. The integrated fieldbus permits complete configuration of the devices directly via the control. You thereby save time during installation and money by avoiding otherwise needed connector units. Nevertheless, only the UV-light resistant, extremely resilient, and mechanically durable barcode tape, flexible in length and height, makes a positioning system perfect. It facilitates precise and continuous position determination, even over extremely long distances.

Detect position safely with only one device

Take advantage of the first safety bar code positioning system, requiring only one sensor for safe position detection. Wherever you need safe and fast position detection, you can use a device that is connected to a safe evaluation unit via two SSI interfaces and is suitable for applications up to performance level PL e. Consequently, you can implement safety functions extremely easily and benefit from the reduced time and effort required for installation and servicing.

The reading distance range of the system is 50-170 mm. Its short error reaction time of only 10 ms makes this system ideal for position detection in applications involving fast movements, e.g., for use on high-bay storage devices (on fast stacker cranes). Namely, such reaction time enables the optimization of speed curves and handling performance.

  • Positioning of high-bay storage devices and lifting units (e.g., in conveyor and storage systems)
  • Collision protection of cranes/gantry cranes
  • Positioning of electroplating plants
  • Positioning of skillet systems and side-tracking skates (e.g., in the automotive industry)
  • Positioning of stacker cranes
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