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EX equipment is specially designed and tested explosion-proof electrical equipment for your applications developed in hazardous location, designed to reliably prevent contact between an explosive atmosphere and ignition sources and thus preclude explosions.

Ensure safety of your workers, equipment and premises in harsh and most demanding environments, where explosions are possible.

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Ex equipment

Explosion-proof electrical equipment is required in hazardous areas, wherever your workers are facing fire or explosion hazards due to flammable, combustible or ignitable substances present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.

The minimum safety requirements of the workplace and equipment for working in potentially explosive atmospheres are prescribed by the European ATEX directive. By its rules you are required to install specially designed and tested explosion-proof electrical equipment – ATEX equipment, in such applications. ATEX-product certification is an assurance of product’s accordance with the prescribed safety requirements.

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Provide safety in harsh areas

Our EX equipment portfolio includes an extensive range of devices and systems, that will provide world-class reliability and safety in harsh, hazardous and explosive environments. Thanks to the explosion-proof equipment from world’s most experienced manufacturers you will be able to ensure compliance with regulations, standards and ATEX directive.

In our product range you will find equipment from:

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Ex equipment

Our EX portfolio covers almost every possible industrial automation equipment for harsh environment.

Explosion proof Signaling Devices consist of Ex-proof visual and audible equipment, i.e. LED beacons, Xenon strobes, horns and sounders, suitable for your applications in which the atmosphere can be potentially explosive or hazardous. Built for use in e.g., the chemical industry, in refineries and on oil rigs, or in ship and aircraft construction, this equipment is of the highest mechanical stability, maintenance free and without parts subject to wear.

EX Safety Barriers (EX Isolation Amplifiers) transmit switching operations from an intrinsically safe control circuit to a non-intrinsically safe active current circuit, protecting your electrical circuits with analog input or output located in potentially hazardous area.

ATEX-certified Fieldbus products include I/O modules (IP67 & IP20) and I/O systems for your applications in the Ex-Zones that will allow you to easily expand the communication while reducing wiring costs and increasing the reliability and transparency of your system management in an explosive environment.

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