Auer Signal

is the leading manufacturer of signalling equipment for industrial purposes.

Auer Signal offers you highest-quality signalling solutions for the non-hazardous, as well as hazardous areas.

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Signaling solutions

Achieve higher safety with signalling equipment

Auer Signals covers industrial signalling equipment for non-hazardous and hazardous environments.

  • Visual signalling equipment

  • Audible signalling equipment

  • Visual-audible signalling equipment

  • Signal towers

  • ATEX visual signalling devices

  • ATEX audible signalling devices

  • Industrial Telephones

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Develop safer applications with Auer Signal

Auer Signal - signalling equipment for Ex areas

As a specialist in signalling equipment for industrial purposes, Auer Signal offers reliable visual- and audible- signalling solutions to ensure that your employees’ safety is in the spotlight at all times.

Their products are planned, constructed and tested by their own development teams. Innumerable test steps ensure the best product quality. Their signalling devices stand out thanks to their innovative in-depth solutions and ingenious engineering.

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More about Auer Signal

Auer Signal has 100+ years of experience in constructing and producing signaling equipment for industrial purposes, which has ensured them the undisputable reputation of a reliable, high-quality and trustworthy partner for workplace safety solutions.

Through their international distribution channels, this family-owned company provides signaling equipment to over 70 countries. From New Zealand to South Africa, from North and South America to Russia and Japan, Auer Signal is represented by distribution partners in every key country.

Auer Signal nurtures lasting relationships with their customers and partners, testifying to their trustworthiness, reliability and care for the highest-quality custom-made devices, designed to meet customer’s requirements.

From planning to construction, Auer Signal’s products are developed in-house. They use the latest industrial manufacturing machines and employ innovative IT solutions to constantly optimise their production processes.

In Auer Signal, they only use premium materials for their signaling equipment: the impact-resistant, UV-resistant and colour-fast polycarbonate, intelligent lens design and the latest LED technology.

Their signaling equipment is approved for use anywhere in the world. The most important industrial safety standards their equipment meets are: the UL, EAC, CE, ATEX and ISO certificates.

They offer their customers an extensive product portfolio that is tailored to specifications. In addition to high-end equipment, they offer some exciting products that boast excellent value for money and those that are suitable for extreme conditions.

Auer Signal has an excellent record when it comes to just-in-time delivering. Keeping their delivery promises is their tradition.

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