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Visual and Audible Signalling Equipment issue audible or/and visual alarm and warning signals in the event of safety hazards or malfunctions. By increasing workplace safety, they help you maintain high productivity and efficiency in many industries and applications.

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Improve workplace safety with top signalling equipment

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Clear and reliable signals play a crucial role in machines and devices start-up, malfunction, alert or stop statuses. In these situations, audible, visual or combined signalling equipment keeps people and systems safe. Whatever your intended purpose, we offer the right device for non-hazardous and hazardous environments.

From our extensive range of individually combinable, pre-assembled or custom Signal Towers, single- or multi-colour Signal Lights and Acoustic Signallers, you can choose top-quality signalling devices of world’s leading companies:

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Develop safer applications with our signalling equipment

Signalling equipment provides alarm and status notifications for your machines, systems, processes, and environmental events. Its principal purpose is e.g., to inform technicians and operators that machinery is in use, that personnel are occupying a hazardous space for maintenance or repairs, or that an active emergency exists.

With the reliable signalling equipment for industrial purposes your employees’ safety is in the spotlight at all times. The best quality of the visual-, audible- and combined visual-audible signalling devices from our offer is ensured by innumerable test steps. These devices are standing out thanks to their innovative in-depth solutions and ingenious engineering.

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Reduce your costs

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There are several ways to reduce your costs by choosing signalling equipment from our portfolio:

  • our products are maintenance-free, with the highest mechanical stability and without parts subject to wear,
  • installing combination devices means less installation work,
  • preventing employees’ injuries means avoiding production downtime and uninsured losses.

Signalling equipment complies with all current standards (e.g., the UL, EAC, CE, ATEX and ISO certificates), so you can use it worldwide and in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Choose from an extensive product portfolio

There is a vast variety of signalling devices available to you, such as:

Visual signalling devices include LED or Xenon strobe lights, LED beacons for continuous and flashing light and LED multifunction beacons. Featuring from IP40 up to IP69 ratings and for either panel or surface mount, these devices are available for you in various sizes and colours.

Audible signalling devices include electronic sirens and alarm horns in various sizes, shapes, and colours with degree of protection up to IP66. These devices for panel or surface mount feature volumes from 65 db to 127 db for the loudest ones.

Combined audible/visual signalling devices combine visible and acoustic signals in one device. Benefit from products with volume up to 127dB and bright beacons with outstanding signalling effect up to IP66.

Signal towers enable clear indication of the machine’s and system’s states in plant engineering. You can choose between modular or compact signal towers. Choose the former when you want to be as flexible as possible and the latter when you want a ready-to-use pre-assembled product. The tower lights are available with diameters ranging from 30 mm up to 70 mm.

A wide range of signalling equipment accessories is also available to you, e.g.: different bases for mounting (tube bases, brackets, junction boxes), bulbs, adapters, mounting tools, mounting sets and much more.

Use signalling equipment in a variety of applications

Auer Signal Visual and Audible Signalling Equipment use case

There is a vast variety of signalling devices available to you, such as:

Mechanical engineering & Automation – the automation of processes not only changes the requirements for machines, but also for the signalling equipment attached to the machines. The high degree of automation means that they must provide even more reliable safety and efficiency. In mechanical engineering and automation, the signalling equipment has to indicate any faults and states.

Plant Construction – signal towers on plants ensure safety, reliability and efficiency. They monitor the system and report its states and eventual malfunctions.

Logistics – errors or malfunctions of logistics facilities such as conveyor belts are ideally indicated by a light signal, a sound or a combination of both. By reporting faults, they can not only be corrected, but ideally be prevented in the future.

Automotive Industry – due to the large number of work steps and the machines required in the automotive manufacturing, numerous areas of application for signal beacons, signalling devices and signal towers exist. Machine manufacturers for the automotive industry use signalling devices, e.g., to indicate filling levels and to draw attention to the fact that something needs to be refilled. Thus, the signalling equipment ensures that the station can fulfil its task as efficiently as possible. However, in large production halls signalling equipment is not only used on machines and plants but can also be beneficial for hall safety.

Building Engineering – signalling equipment serves primarily to ensure safety, i.e., that malfunctions and dangers are indicated in the various areas and systems of building technology.

Crane Construction – when the duty cranes that transport heavy and large workpieces or materials are in use, extreme caution and concentration are required. The signalling equipment on the duty crane signals that the crane is in use.

and much more.

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