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Sensors can help you detect events or changes in their environment and send this information to other electronics. In applications over a wide range of industries sensors are a key enabler for automation of production processes. In analog or digital signals, they will provide you with important information on a physical presence, physical properties, motion or proximity of objects. You need them to test, measure, and control various processes and machine functions. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), the need for sensors functioning as primary data generators is increasing.

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You can find Sensors with binar, analog and IO-link outputs. Choose from:

Proximity Sensors detect the presence of nearby objects through non-contacting means. In countless manufacturing operations they will help you detect the presence of parts and machine components.

Position Sensors detect the movement of an object and converts these into signals suitable for processing, transmission, or control. You can use them to measure either linear or rotary position in different applications, using a whole range of sensing technologies.

Optical Sensors detect objects passing within their field of detection, although they are also capable of detecting color, cleanliness, and location if needed. They will enable your manufacturing and material handling automation for purposes such as counting, robotic picking, and automatic doors and gates.

Process Sensors take accurate measurements of process parameters. They come in many forms. In addition to the big four, i.e., Temperature-, Pressure-, Level-, and Flow Sensors (more often called flow meters), there are other forms that allow you the use in a variety of applications. Multivariable process sensors measure or calculate multiple parameters and often convert the measurements to the desired units.

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High-precision Sensors that measure various spatial parameters. They are ideal for high precision measurement in automation, production control and for test purposes. With contact or non-contact methods they can work on numerous surfaces with high measuring rates.

Special sensors include Color sensors whenever the color of an object/marking serves as a sorting or inspection criteria. Contrast sensors use various light sources to detect and compare contrasts and report the results with minimal signal jitter. In sorting and inspection tasks in which other detection methods fail or the markings should not be visible, you can use Luminescence sensors. Double sheet/splice inspection ensures your system availability and the corresponding logistics in the graphics industry. Use Edge detectors for counting of overlapping products on your conveyors.

In addition, Sensor Accesories as Fiber Optics elements provide the light wherever you want it. Bundled glass or plastic fibers allow you the measurement path to be placed on even difficult-to-access locations at which your sensors could not be mounted. A wide range of Mounting Brackets and Clamps will help you reliably mount and – if necessary – easily align your sensors.

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Meet the operating principles of sensors

Based on the operating principle of sensors, we offer the following types of sensors:

  • Inductive,
  • Photoelectric,
  • Capacitive,
  • Magnetic,
  • Ultrasonic,
  • Radar,
  • Inclination,
  • Linear Position,
  • 3D Sensors,
  • Light curtains,
  • Forked sensors,
  • Encoders
  • and Fiber optic sensors.

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