Laser sensor for advanced automation

High-performance laser sensor OptoNCDT ILD 1X20 series features a compact housing with an integrated controller. It will impress you with high speed, precision and maximum reliability, regardless of the environment. This affordable Micro-Epsilon’s all-rounder in the field of optical displacement measurement technology is predestined for use in series applications. The ILD1220 model is now available to you for only 470 EUR!

Best-in-class laser sensor series

The optoNCDT 1X20 series laser sensor from Micro-Epsilon is among the best in its class. It is used for precise measurement of displacement, distance, and position in all fields of automation technology, such as in machine building, 3D printers, or robotics.

The sensors from this series feature an intelligent surface control function, the Auto Target Compensation (ATC). It ensures stable measurement results regardless of changing colors or brightness of the target surface.

The precise miniature optoNCDT ILD1220 is now available to you at an incredible price of 470 EUR.

laser sensor optoNCDT ILD1220 Micro-Epsilon

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Ideal for industrial series applications

laser sensor optoNCDT ILD 1x20 application

Various output signals facilitate the integration of the optoNCDT 1X20 series laser sensor into plant and machine control systems. In addition to analog voltage and current outputs, a digital RS422 interface conveys distance information from the sensor.

These sensors meet the requirements for deployment in industrial serial and OEM applications due to their selectable settings and evaluation possibilities.

Now even more powerful laser sensor

The optoNCDT 1X20 series laser sensor is designed for optimal utilization in industrial series applications. Its sturdy IP67 sensor housing permits usage in challenging industrial environments, including those with high accelerations.

A high-performance D/A converter facilitates 16-bit resolution at the analog output, enhancing the precision of measurement results. Consequently, the sensor achieves heightened accuracy.

The doubled measuring rate allows for even faster measurements to be conducted.

laser sensor optoNCDT 1x20 advantages

Use laser sensor easily

laser sensor optoNCDT 1x20 easy management
  • The optoNCDT 1X20 models could be managed through an intuitive web interface.
  • The measurement task settings can be swiftly chosen using pre-established presets.
  • The quality slider facilitates the sensor’s adaptation to both static and dynamic processes.
  • Up to eight user-specific sensor configurations can be saved and exported through the setup management.
  • Features such as the video signal display, signal peak selection, and freely adjustable signal averaging permit the fine-tuning of the measurement task.
  • The Region of Interest (ROI) function enables the filtering out of interfering signals in the background, ensuring optimal correction of the remaining signal peak.

Highest precision in a minimum of space

The compact dimensions and lightweight design of the optoNCDT ILD 1X20 series laser sensor create opportunities for exploration in various new application domains.

The ability to choose between different connector types, namely cable or pigtail, coupled with its compact size, significantly minimizes the effort required for sensor installation.

This flexibility not only enhances the adaptability of the sensor to diverse environments but also contributes to the ease of integration, making it a versatile and user-friendly solution.

laser sensor optoNCDT 1x20 series

Check characteristics of the ILD 1X20 models

laser sensor optoNCDT 1x20 series
laser sensor optoNCDT 1x20 characteristics

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laser sensor optoNCDT 1x20 designed for automation

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