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Cables have the purpose of transmit either electrical power, data or/and signal from one point to another. With efficient transmission they help you provide flawless power supply, networking, and communication in different applications across many industries.

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With increasing demand from the industry, a variety of cables is produced for automation and seamless data communication. Depending on their final application, cables have different configurations, always basing their design on national and international regulations. The high quality and high-availability industrial cabling and connectivity products help you provide mission-critical electrical energy-, data-and signal transmission.

To suit your unique application requirements, our offering includes a vast selection of top-quality cables from the leading manufacturers:

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In industrial environments, cables often have to transport a signal, data or/and power in the harshest conditions, e.g., high temperatures, chemicals, physical handling, humidity, oil, and other challenging situations. It is therefore extremely important that they can withstand such conditions. Effective protection against EMI and RFI is also recommended for industrial cables, depending on their use.

When selecting a suitable industrial cable, you generally choose from a vast selection of insulation and jacket materials, shielding options, configuration, high-flex capabilities, and other options. Each cable has a standard designation consisting of a series of letters and numbers, each of which refers to certain cable characteristics. This facilitates the selection of the most suitable cable for your needs, prevents possible errors, and ensures that the cable complies with safety regulations, cable’s life, and proper operation.

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The great variety of cable types can be classified in a correspondingly large number of ways. They can be categorized into groups by e.g., voltage, type of conductor, insulation, cross-section, colour, and much more. You can choose among connection cables (with open end) and interconnection cables (with connectors on both ends).

Vast selection corresponds perfectly to the large number of possibilities of their use across different industries. The main types of industrial cables by their use are:

In many applications standard data cables do not lead to the desired result or a machine uses Industrial Ethernet or a Fieldbus. The Industrial Ethernet cables from our offer, i.e., Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP and POWERLINK, bring data from point A to B with less data loss thanks to the shielded casing that runs not only through the cable but continues into the connector. A cable quality, which guarantees a safe and reliable data transmission of up to 10 GBit/sec, despite sustaining 5 million bending cycles is offered for collaborating robots’ application area.

Also cables for the following fieldbuses: Profibus, ModBus, CANopen, CAN-bus and DeviceNet are available.

A reliable power transmission via the compact and standardized M12-interface according to IEC 61076-2-11 is provided. Four different codings – S, T, K and L – as well as various cable qualities offer the right solution for any application. The overmolded cord sets, receptacles and junctions are dust- and waterproof according to IP65, IP67 and IP68. They are designed to meet UL2237 requirements.

The use of splitters results in shortened cables and is consequently more cost-efficient by avoiding additional cable costs. The power supply starts from a centralised point and cable branches throughout the machine to provide power to decentralised points within the machine.

In many applications standard connection technology cables do not lead to the desired results. Therefore, in addition to the standard base line we offer also specially tailored cables according to your wishes and needs. PVC, PUR, and PURrobotic cables with higher drag-chain adaption and torsion resistance are available.

In the food industry, much higher requirements are set for machines and installations than in classical mechanics. Special cables offering high protection against cleaning agents and meeting strict hygiene requirements are provided. Cables with ‘Hygienic Design’ make it possible to use components in applications where they come into contact with food. Contact between materials and the food to be processed is prevented and high protection against cleaning agents is ensured.

For harsh conditions and applications in milk processing, an extremely resistant TPE cables are used. For applications with fewer requirements, PVC cables P00 and P01 (both UL approved) are excellent alternatives. The food & beverage cables meet the protection standards of IP65, IP67, IP68 and IP69, they are halogen free and can be used in energy chains.

Due to an enlarged outer-jacket, the PUR-cable is perfectly suited for weld-field applications in body construction and resistant to welding beads. Good drag chain- and torsion properties as well as a UL-certification complete the cable’s profile.

We offer the appropriate and standard-compliant connectivity for all bus and trains wiring levels.

PUR-cables with overmolded connectors are immediately usable and more reliable than field-wireable alternatives. They meet the demands of protection class IP67, IP68 and IP69.

Use cables in different industries

You can use cables across wide range of industries, e.g.:

  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Renewables
  • Robotics
  • Transportation
  • Power Distribution
  • Mobile Automation
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