Escha is the global manufacturer of connectors and cables.

They offer you highest-quality connectivity products for safe data- and signal transmission in a harsh industrial environment.

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Specialist in Connectivity

Provide connectivity to your applications

Escha offers you top-quality industry connectors and custom connectivity components. Their products cover all possible requirements of various industries.

  • Sensor/Actuator connectors

  • Connectors for the food industry

  • Connectors for bus and rail

  • Field-wireable connectors

  • Power connectors

  • Valve connectors

  • Data connectors

  • I/O Junctions

  • T- & Y-splitters

  • Receptacles

  • Accessories for connectivity

  • Custom connectivity solutions

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Transmit data and signals efficiently with Escha’s help

As a specialist in connectivity, Escha develops, manufactures, and markets top-quality components for connectivity that provide high-performance, safe, reliable and durable signal- and power transmission.

These components withstand the harshest conditions in automotive-, food & beverage industries, renewable energies, robotics, transportation, and more. Escha wants their customers to have an exceptional experience, so it guarantees consistent product-, quality-, and service standards world-wide.

The key advantages of Escha’s products

More about Escha

Escha - specialists in connectivity

Escha has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing highest-quality connectivity and housing technology components for 35+ years.

Their solutions are implemented in automation technology as well as in machinery- and plant engineering. Moreover, they continue to extend their portfolio by new products for various application areas e.g., renewable energies or glass facade technology.

Escha’s connectivity range is defined by a wide range of products, quality and reliability. Their products are specifically focused on the technological challenges you face. Among different types of available housings, coding and an exceptional range of cables, you will always find the right solution for your requirements. Escha supports their customer every step of the way!

Escha is guided by social commitment and sustainable economic activity.

Their path to success are efficient services, innovation and engineering.

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