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High Precision Sensors include a broad range of sensors that enable extremely precise and accurate measurement of distance, thickness, color, 3D geometry and surface in industrial automation. They enable your manufacturing and material handling automation in many areas of industrial automation.

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Whether your field is research and development, manufacturing automation or machine building, we offer the high precision sensors, devices and systems that meet the specific requirements of your individual measurement task.

These sensors boast high repeatability, fast response, and, in most cases, contactless advantages for detection, counting, positioning or inspection of objects and materials.

In our extensive portfolio you will find high precision displacement sensors, infrared temperature sensors, color sensors as well as dimensional measurement devices and systems for industrial applications.

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Choose top-quality sensors for high precision applications

The best-in-class sensors are manufactured by world’s leading companies:

Turk capacitive sensor Contactless Level Detection

Exploit many advantages of the high precision sensors

Fibre-optic sensor Micro-Epsilon optoCONTROL CLS1000

For customer-specific applications and OEM special requirements that are not met by standard models, the high precision sensors can be suitably modified. Changes often requested include for example modified designs, target coordination, mounting options, individual cable lengths, modified measuring ranges or sensors with integrated controller.

Take advantage of a wide range of powerful and flexible high precision sensor products which are easy to integrate and provide you with significant added value. They will make a vital contribution to the improvement of your products and processes.

  • Large signal change even for the smallest position change
  • Sub-micron to sub-nanometer resolutions that provide solutions for high-end applications
  • The highest precision at a high measuring rate
  • In most cases non-contact and wear-free measurement
  • High accuracy, repeatability, and signal quality
  • Robustness, long mechanical service life, temperature stability and reliability in harsh environmental conditions

Great variety of sensors for almost all applications

There are many different types of sensors for displacement, distance, and position available for a great variety of purposes:

These sensors enable non-contact measurement of displacement, distance, position, oscillation, and vibrations. Considered as extremely precise and robust, they will come in particularly handy when you need high precision measurement in demanding industrial environments. Measurement ranges are from 0,4–80 mm, resolution ≥ 0,02 μm and linearity ≥ 1 μm.

These sensors measure and inspect object geometry (e.g., length, width, diameter, thickness, depth, height), as well as measure and monitor movement, displacement, position, stroke, deflection or dislocation. They cover a variety of measuring ranges in measurement tasks that require a long service life and reliability. You can typically use them in applications for automated processes, quality assurance, test rigs, hydraulics, pneumatic cylinders, and building monitoring.

These sensors perform non-contact measurements of displacement, distance, and position of electrically conductive targets with high precision. They measure against all electrically conductive materials, and with appropriate electronic circuitry even against insulators. Measurement ranges are from 0,025–20 mm, resolution ≥ 0,0375 nm and linearity ≥ 0,1 μm.

You can use the confocal chromatic measuring system for fast distance and thickness measurement. Different sensor models and controller interfaces open versatile fields of application, e.g., in the semiconductor industry, glass industry, medical engineering,plastics production and others. Measurement ranges are from 0,1–30 mm, resolution ≥ 3 nm and linearity ≥ 0,05 μm.

The innovative white light interferometers set a benchmark in high-precision distance and thickness measurements. Thanks to their robust design, the interferometers can also be integrated in industrial environments. Measurement range for distance is 2,1 mm and for thickness from 35 μm–1,4 mm. Resolution is ≥ 30 picometers and linearity ≥ 0,1 nm.

These sensors stand out due to their small size, high measuring rate, great functionality and particularly, to their high precision displacement, distance, or thickness measurement. They allow reliable results even in continuous industrial operation, and with some models also reliable measurements on metallic and reflective surfaces, as well as measurements from safe distance. They are designed for versatile measurement tasks in factory automation, machines, and systems. Measurement ranges are from 2–1.000 mm, resolution ≥ 0,03 μm and linearity ≥ 0,6 μm.

These sensors combine the advantages of both inductive and magnetic sensors. You can use them as an alternative to inductive sensors and proximity sensors in the process automation, packaging industry and machine monitoring. Depending mostly on the used magnet, measuring ranges are from 20–55 mm, with resolution 0,05% FSO and linearity 3% FSO.

These sensors measure almost linearly across the entire measuring range. You can use them for distance and position measurements of 5 cm up to 50 m. They are ideal for integration and subsequent assembly in high volume OEM applications, e.g., in medical devices, lifts, conveyors and automotive engineering.

The laser distance sensors use the laser time-of-flight principle and measure within the range from 0.2–3000 m. These sensors are designed for use with or without reflector film, which is used depending on the distance and the environment.

These 2D sensors detect, measure, and evaluate profiles on different object. With their high-resolution sensor matrix and high-profile frequency, they are designed for precise profile measurements in dynamic processes. They ensure precise profile measurements on almost any type of surface. They boast universal application; you can use them in industrial measurement tasks, image processing, robots & multi-sensor application, and much more. With moving target or sensor, synchronization of the direction of travel (e.g., using an encoder), and 3D software support, 3D visualization is achieved.

These 2D sensors, operating according to the through-beam principle with parallel light curtain, determine dimensional quantities such as gaps, diameters, presence, or edges. They can measure directly on the object using fiber optics or they can use laser/LED based measuring systems with integrated high-resolution CMOS or CCD camera for geometrical measurements. Measurement ranges are from 2–98 mm, with resolution ≥ 0,1 μm and linearity ≥ 3 μm.

3D snapshot sensors impress with high accuracy during measurement and assessment of components and surfaces. The 3D snapshots are recorded in a short time and provide detailed 3D point clouds. These sensors are intended for matt and shiny surfaces  and you can use them for geometric component testing, position determination, presence checks and the measurement of flatness or planarity at inline applications, on robots and also for offline inspection.

Color sensors measure color values, intensities, and functions on different surfaces. As a result, you can use them in a variety of applications to achieve high productivity and cost reduction in manufacturing, automation and quality assurance.

The innovative measuring and inspection systems, as complete solution for precise inline measurements, are available with high precision sensors.

Micro-Epsilon SurfaceControl 3D

Benefit from high precision sensors in many industries

Electronic manufacturing services

Check out only some of use cases:

Smart sensors ensure the optimal integration and networking of your machines and processes due to their versatile industry interfaces and evaluation algorithms. Thanks to their high precision, accuracy, and faster reaction to events these sensors often replace switches.

To optimize the battery production, sensors are required which monitor the production line to the highest accuracy and dynamic. Such monitoring is provided by reliable sensor technology from high precision distance sensors to infrared temperature measurement technology and 2D/3D profile sensors for multiple measurement tasks.

High precision sensors are used in high-tech production machines and production facilities and ensure that the high quality and requirements in terms of quality and efficiency are met. They come in handy from chip production to complex assembly monitoring in the production of computers, smartphones, and tablets.

High precision sensors are used to detect machine movements and monitor the glass products in processing lines. Typical measured parameters include displacement, position, thickness, color and temperature.

Miniaturized and integrated into machines, displacement sensors measure machine movements, positioning and travel paths and ensure safe machine operation. For automated machines and process-integrated machines, sensors monitor a wide range of sizes of manufactured products. Particularly where harsh ambient conditions such as oil, dirt, pressure, vibrations, and temperatures are present, these sensors convince with high precision.

Sensors enable efficient and safe production and later failure-free processing in production, processing, conveyance, and storage of metallic materials.

In measuring and testing machines, the measurement technology used is crucial. Parameters such as resolution and linearity are decisive factors in enabling precise data collection.

Dimensions, thickness, temperature, colors and embossing patterns of plastics in roll or sheet form can be reliably measured in a wide range of process steps from extrusion via molding to further processing.

High precision sensors impress in numerous measurement tasks and are used, e.g., for control, intensity control and weld path planning.

Machine building

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