is the world’s largest manufacturer of safety switchgear devices and systems for personal and machine protection.

Schmersal’s extensive portfolio will help you solve all workplace safety tasks. One of the company’s core activities is the development and production of innovative safety components, systems, and solutions.

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The DNA of safety

Achieve workplace safety with Schmersal

Schmersal’s extraordinary wide range of high-quality switchgear will help you protect machines and plants in lift-, automation- and safety technolies.

  • Safe switching and monitoring

  • Safe signal processing

  • Safety system solutions

  • Automation technology equipment

  • Devices for EX Zones

  • Lift switchgear

  • Safety software

  • Accessories

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Choose from 25,000+ Schmersal’s products

Schmersal’s product portfolio includes 25,000+ products for safety door monitoring, including solenoid interlocks, safety sensors and safety switches with separate actuators and devices for rotating protective equipment. They also offer a range of ATEX certified devices for EX zones.

They develop and manufacture systems for safe signal processing, including safety relay modules, safety modules and programmable modular safety controllers, which you can link to safety door switches, emergency stop switches and light grids or other electronic and mechanical safety switchgear devices.

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Some of Schmersal’s key advantages

More about Schmersal

Schmersal Group group has 1,850+ employees in 20+ countries around the world, who will help you develop safety technology solutions in close cooperation. Their engineers are constantly working on the development of new safety products for every application in every industries.

They constantly develop new safety concepts, integrate new detection principles, discover new way to transmit and evaluate the information provided by these principles. Schmersal also makes sure their products comply to new standards, regulations and directives relating to machinery safety.

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