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Internet of Things (IoT) devices use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help you bring intelligence and autonomy to your systems and processes. They enable you new opportunities, predictive and operational capabilities, help you improve monitoring, increase your dialogue with customers,  fine-tune your services and improve your operational efficiency. They open an wide range of applications, for example autonomous driving, industrial smart manufacturing, …

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Develop intelligent and autonomous processes

Leverage our vast product portfolio to gain meaningful, data-driven insights to optimize your business operations, increase productivity and reduce risk and costs. You can find products from:

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Exploit IoT platforms

Integrate IoT platforms in your processes and increase the added value of your applications.

IoT and IIoT Platforms for managing IoT Projects and Devices are specialized software tools dedicated to accelerating IoT deployment and simplifying device management. These multi-layer leading technologies enable you straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of connected devices within the IoT universe. They will help you boost efficiency, productivity, employee safety and much more.

Security certified Industrial IoT (IIoT) Gateways will enable you both industrial remote access and machine data collection in a single unit. They will connect you transparently to machines anywhere in the world and concurrently facilitate continuous machine data collection for further preventive and predictive analysis. All your remote maintenance tasks will be covered with one single device which is available as a robust industrial device with multiple connection options, or as software.

Automation IoT (AIoT) Servers are certified to the highest global cybersecurity standards from both an IT requirement and corporate policy perspective. They are your central drag’n’drop tool for seamless user and device management, providing secure access to your PLCs, HMIs and other equipment remotely. With the AIoT server, you administer accounts and individualized access, manage devices, configure alarms and much more. Such control makes it easier to conduct maintenance in your facility. Namely, all devices and remote users are defined in the Server so that workers don’t need to remember remote connection settings on each device separately.

With Multiprotocol Edge Controller, you will benefit from decentralized intelligence for control tasks and cloud transfers directly at the machine.

HMI Operating Devices & Edge Controller will allow you fast integration and high flexibility thanks to communication via more than 200 protocols and numerous master/slave functions.

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Benefit from cloud solutions and services

Use cloud solutions and enable flexible data access to data and computing power. Because the data is stored on servers you can access information from web-enabled devices, regardless of your location.

Cloud Solutions offer you the appropriate hardware and individually scalable software solutions with different data hosting models for your application. In addition to devices with an automatically built-in cloud connection, you have a choice of either EDGE devices in IP20 for installation in a control cabinet or IP67 variants for mounting directly on the machine. EDGE Gateways offer you a flexible connection from anywhere, independent of existing internet connections.

Cloud Services specifically designed to address the typical data collection needs of Machine Builders and Manufacturers are available. They will provide that your Machine Data Collection will generate substantial value to your organization through increased productivity and quality and that your chosen cloud platform will scale to support your future needs.

RFID UHF Reader with Cloud Gateway is flexibly expandable via external UHF RFID antennas and IIoT-capable thanks to OPC UA server based on Codesys.

Augmented Reality (AR) wearables are devices that bring AR to life. AR smart glasses is an eyewear that has the technology on board to merge what you see in the real world with virtual information, usually overlaid on one of the glasses lenses. They provide you accomplish what AR promises: a hands-free connection of the digital world to the real world, providing unprecedented access to location-aware real-time information, data collection, remote support communications with both audio and video, and more.

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