has been developing an exceptional Internet of Things solutions for 22+ years.

Through long-term experience and R&D, the Teltonika IoT Group has created a wide industrial IoT and M2M device portfolio for the most complex Industry 4.0 area and Smart City and Green Energy technologies.

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Evolve your applications to IoT level with Teltonika and maximize their potential in terms of time resources, productivity and scale.

  • Modems

  • Gateways

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • IoT platforms
  • Accessories
  • Custom networking solutions

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Meet the values that drive Teltonika

Teltonika’s exceptional skill in being a fast and flexible partner reflects their needs to be closer to their clients across the globe. Long-standing experience, reliable supply chain, highest technology process models all stand for Teltonika’s ability to produce millions of IoT devices for their clients.

They want to become one of the global leaders of providing unique IoT solutions that contribute to making people’s lives easier. They strive to create a working environment for creative, ambitious professionals in Lithuania and around the world who would contribute to the fulfillment of the company’s mission through their professional advancement.

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Teltonika’s key advantages

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Teltonika controls every stage of their products’ development cycle, which enables them to respond quickly and flexibly to market needs and changes while ensuring reliability, security, and ease of use.

All products of Teltonika IoT Group are manufactured and assembled in a modern factory in Lithuania, which ensures their compliance to the highest quality standards.

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