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Optoelectronic Machine Safety Equipment uses a system of light sources and controls that interrupt the machine’s operating cycle to protect workers and machines against a variety of working hazards. Unlike fences and doors, it doesn’t limit during material handling or transport and provides a better view in the machine room. It is your first choice for implementing maximum productivity for machines and plants.

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Ensure the highest-level of protection

Our broad Optoelectronic Machine Safety Equipment portfolio comprehensively meets the requirements of hazardous point protection, access protection, and hazardous area protection. This allows you to avoid damages ranging from fatal accidents and various injuries to your employees to costly time-consuming damage to your production equipment.

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Choose from a wide range of optoelectronic machine safety products

Whether individual devices or optimally matched sets, in our extensive Optoelectronic Machine Safety Equipment portfolio, you will find a suitable and efficient safety solution:

Safety Light Curtains are electro-sensitive protective devices with 5 or more light beams. They protect workers and machines from safety hazards by creating a sensing screen that guards machine access points and perimeters.

Safety Light Barriers are single-beam safety light devices, offering you an economical and highly reliable safety solution.

Safety Light Grids are electro-sensitive protective devices with 2-4 light beams. If one or more of them is interrupted, a machine or system is stopped.

Safety Laser Scanners are universal all-rounders for your safety-tasks. They will take care of danger zone guarding, access guarding or point of operation guarding.

Radar Safety Devices are used for area and access guarding. They ensure high system availability even in harsh environments.

In addition to the main safety components, also a vast range of the Laser Scanners Accessories and Light Curtains Accessories that play a key role in the reliable operation of your optoelectronic safety equipment is also available. We are offering protective enclosures, mirrors, vibration dampers, bus converters, reflection light barriers, mounting sets, laser alignment tool, field distributors for muting mode, connectors, configuration software and more.

Optoelectronic machine safety equipment

Detect objects of different sizes

You can choose between light grids and curtains with different resolutions to accurately detect objects of different sizes in the hazardous area. Simply follow the rule: the smaller the distance between two adjacent light beams, the more accurate the detection sensitivity of the optoelectronic machine safety equipment.

Depending on the type of the safety light grid or light curtain used, the components offer an integrated monitoring module with start/restart inhibit and external device monitoring. Additional functions such as blanking, muting, and cascading of the light curtains are available to you as well.

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Both the requirements of the standards and product-specific features (detection sensitivity, range, etc.), must be considered during the selection of the appropriate optoelectronic machine safety equipment and its proper use. The effectiveness of the safety guard corresponds to the risk assessment, which must be carried out during the planning and design phase, taking all important boundary conditions, e.g., environment, machine, and function into account.

Let us help you choose the device that perfectly meets your needs, enabling you to develop the perfect machine safety solution for your employees and applications.

Optoelectronic safety devices

Benefit from optoelectronic machine safety equipment in diverse applications

Optoelectronic Safety Equipment application

Use the optoelectronic safety devices in applications as:

  • Power-driven machines,
  • Power-driven presses in metalworking, plastics, leather, stone working and rubber, processing industry,
  • Folding presses and cutters,
  • Filter presses,
  • Punching machines in leather, textile, and plastics processing,
  • Robot stations and welding booths,
  • Printing and injection moulding machines,
  • Transportation systems,
  • Pallet loaders and palletizers,
  • Materials handling and storage technology,
  • and many more.

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