Workplace safety

Workplace safety is one of the main responsibilities of the employer. As an employer you simply must maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Tipteh has the comprehensive knowledge, extensive experience, and top safety components to help your company minimize accidents and lost man-hours and to maintain a high level of productivity, increase profitability and reduce liability.

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Let’s improve your workplace safety together

Fast technological changes such as automation, digitalization and robotization have significant changes to the working environment, organization and skills needed. Stricter working conditions mostly require a new reflection and a changed approach to ensuring workplace safety.

We at Tipteh recognize the importance of workplace safety and we help our partners develop safety solutions and better occupational safety competencies. Some of our engineers also passed the exam at TÜV Rheinland and were issued the Functional Safety Engineers (TÜV Rheinland) certificate.

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Rely on our know-how and experience

At Tipteh, you can get the best machine safety products on the market along with our expert advice on protecting your machines without losing ergonomics and on improving your workplace safety.

We will help you determine the required safety level of your machines according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015 or EN/IEC 62061 standards to satisfy the requirements of the Machinery Directive (MD).

If the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) or Performance Level (PL) for your machines are known, we help you design your industrial safety control system based on “Basic Safety Principles”, “Well-tried Safety Principles”, and “Well-tried safety Components”.

Workplace safety

Reduce the risks before implementation

Our engineers will help you complete Risk Assessment before introducing new processes or activities and to carry out risk reduction. Exploit our wast collection of knowledge and we will help you develop certified workplace safety solutions.

Our engineers will help you remove or reduce the risk with constructive measures or with the use of protective safety devices.

In the case of a residual risk, they will advise you on how properly inform and alert your workers.

Calculate safety distance first

When safeguarding your machinery, it is not enough to simply install a safety device. You should always calculate a safety distance. To ensure a proper calculation, you better contact us! We can also help you determine or measure the Stop time of your machine.

In addition to basic safety functions such as: Emergency Stop, Start-Up and Restart, Prevention of Unexpected Start-Up and Hold-to-run, we can also help you implement more complex safety functions like: Safely-limited Speed, Safely-limited Position, Muting, Blanking, Reduced Resolution, etc.

Choose from a variety of product groups

In our wide Machine Safety equipment portfolio, you can find the devices like:

Emergency Stop Push Buttons, Safety Switches with separate actuators with or without guard locking, Two-Hand Controls, Safety Profiles/Mats/Bumpers and Hinge Switches.

We also offer a broad range of electrooptical safety devices like: Safety Light Curtains, Safety Light Grids and Safety Laser Scanners.

To round out our offer we provide Safety Relay Modules and a broad range of Safety Programable Controllers, i.e., safety PLCs, also with an integrated Profinet fieldbus and Profisafe.

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