Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) enables you to experience an interactive environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information including images, text, sound, vibration, etc.

Industrial Revolution 4.0, marked by the application of modern digital technologies, reflects in the mass application of artificial intelligence, processing large amounts of data to increase the overall efficiency of equipment and plants, as well as in IoT and digital technologies, such as AR.

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Tipteh acts as a AR one-stop source, i.e., we provide not only the enterprise software solutions but also the top hardware and support. Experts from Tipteh will help you leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to process huge amounts of reliable data, increasing your efficiency and productivity, improving your production quality, saving money and time.

Our starting point is a thorough conversation with a client together with a case analysis, to obtain a general idea of what the client needs. Accordingly, we customize our AR solutions to fit our client’s needs. Together, we select the optimal AR hardware and deploy a solution in the client’s manufacturing plant or warehouse. In the productive phase, we provide a help desk and technical support with individual service level agreement to ensure our client’s success.

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Augmented Reality in the industry

AR will create a positive impact across several industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, and much more.

It will offer several benefits:

  • Reduction of cognitive overload,
  • Real-time updates,
  • Minimal technology,
  • Universal adaptability,

Augmented Reality solutions for a range of applications

  • Interactive instructions – allow employees with little or no experience to perform complex tasks without investing heavily in their training.
  • Expert support – enables the remote help of an expert who quickly and efficiently solves problems that arise in the industrial environment during the operation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Facilitates and accelerates the design and manufacturing of machinery, maintenance and planning of production plants.

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Augmented Reality with smart glasses

By using the Vuzix or Hololens smart glasses and a high-end TeamViewer Frontline software platform our clients are able to provide interactive instructions and remote support in an AR environment:

Frontline solution enables integration into business processes using the modules and a connection to data collected via IoT sensors and Cloud services.

xMake module provides step-by-step instructions integrated with images, video instructions, AR pointers, imported 3D models and links to web pages.

xAssist module allows clients to call an expert who has the ability to see the scene as if looking through the client’s eyes. The expert and the client can exchange images, documents and video material, as well as to place 3D markers to create innovative solutions and solve tough problems fast. Conversations can be recorded to easily form a solution base and speed up fault failure.

Augmented Reality Engineering Space

The use of collaboration software Holo-light ARES (Augmented Reality Engineering Space) facilitates engineers and industrial designers faster, more accurate, and more efficient design of industrial machinery.

This workspace provides insights into complex 3D models in a real 3D environment, interaction with models, hierarchical approach to the model, cross sections of models and assemblies and manipulation of subassemblies. ARES software provides the possibility of a meeting during which multiple users observe a 3D model in real space.

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Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses

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Vuzix M4000 Smart Glasses

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