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Machine Vision provides imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis of your applications. It excels at quantitative contactless measurement of a structured scene due to its speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

You can use Machine Vision for inspection in multiple ways, from part selection and assembly verification to final inspection and tracking. You can automatically monitor your production process, increase its reliability and availability, eliminate errors, reduce costs and downtime, enhance safety, etc.

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We are a leading provider of Machine Vision solutions. Our highly skilled engineers will help you develop high-tech and cost-optimal solutions. Machine Vision will help you automate everything from assembly verification to a complex 3D robotic bin-picking. In our product range you will find machine vision equipment from leading manufacturers:

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Capture data with machine vision cameras

High-performance Industrial Cameras are the keystone of machine vision as they capture important information, store and archive it, allowing software to make decisions based on the image information and optimize your production process. Choose from a vast range of Cameras:

Area Scan Cameras capture a 2-D image of a given scene and are best suited towards your applications where objects are either slow-moving or stationary, even if only momentarily.

Line Scan Cameras read the image data one line at time and are especially well-suited for high-speed continuous applications that need high image quality even with simple illumination. You can most benefit from them in the cases of fast-movable objects, detailed inspections requiring measurements be done in microns and sorting procedures. Their use minimizes your setup and overall system cost.

Network cameras are robust surveillance cameras for exterior use or monitoring of difficult interior spaces. These IP cameras stand out for their extremely rapid frame rates and high resolutions. They are easy to install, ensure outstanding image quality and high performance in low-light situations. This makes them ready for any application you can think of.

3D Cameras for 3D image processing are used whenever volumes, shapes or the 3-D position of moving objects is analyzed. They help you lower your total system costs and design your 3-D applications more efficiently. You can benefit from their various applications, e.g., car and vehicle component manufacturing, packaging, including packaging and processing solutions, industrial robotics, electronics manufacturing, and assembly, and more.

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Vision Sensors are available as an object sensors and code readers, as a powerful colour sensors or as universal sensors combining object sensors and code readers. You benefit from them in manufacturing operations for quality control, presence sensing, positioning, and orienting, sorting, labeling inspecting, gripping, and guiding, etc.

Industrial 3D Laser Profilers are the right choice for high-resolution and high-accuracy scanning of static scene from smallest parts to large objects. Due to their robustness, you can use them in even the harshest environments.

Embedded Vision Systems that combine small dimensions with powerful processing, are suited to an endless list of industrial applications, especially factory automation. Their lower purchase costs, fewer moving parts and minimal maintenance also make them an attractive option for you. Also, they are easier to use and integrate than their computer-based counterparts.

Frame Grabbers are the control centre for robust high-speed image acquisition and processing in real time. The boards can be customized for your specific needs. Choose them if your applications include online inspection, deep learning, and autonomous driving that require robust image processing with minimal latencies and high speeds.

To obtain optimum performance from the cameras and setup efficient solutions for your projects, choose high-quality and compatible Machine Vision Accessories and Software. Our machine vision accessories deliver best possible image quality to your applications with the greatest possible reliability, while our software will get your cameras up and running at their full functionality easily and quickly.

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Exploit amazing technologies

Deep Learning is a breakthrough technology, which will allow you to develop modern machine vision applications. You can benefit from a higher degree of automation, much greater productivity, and more reliable identification, allocation, and handling of a wider range of objects throughout your entire value chain.

With deep learning software can perform judgement-based part location, inspection, classification, and OCR challenges more effectively than traditional machine vision automation. Increasingly, leading manufacturers are turning to deep learning solutions and AI to solve their most sophisticated automation challenges.

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Basler pylon 7.4 update provides comprehensive software support for machine vision, including support for the newest boost V CXP-12 cameras. Tools within the vTools package will improve your machine vision applications.

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