See underneath the surface with SWIR cameras

Basler’s Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) cameras allow a close look at what remains hidden from your eye. Use a high-quality ace 2 X visSWIR camera to detect fill levels, screen complex structures or check security features across a wide range of applications at great price.

Great performance at little cost

Integrated into the proven Basler ace 2 camera series and equipped with Sony’s innovative SenSWIR sensors, Basler’s visSWIR cameras allow wavelengths from 0.4 µm to 1.7 µm to be detected. With this advanced tecnology, you can now capture both visible and non-visible light with one camera.

Basler ace 2 X visSWIR cameras will impress you with their high analysis flexibility and accurate detail recognition. They guarantee extraordinarily high quality at an impressive price/performance ratio for a wide range of applications.

Basler ace 2 X visSWIR camera

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Benefits of SWIR cameras at a glance

Basler SWIR cameras allow a look beneath the surface
  • Small housing with proven 29mm x 29 mm footprint – suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Equipped with the highly sensitive Sony IMX990/991 SenSWIR sensors
  • Capable of capturing images in both the visible and invisible light spectrum with wavelengths from 0.4 µm to 1.7 µm
  • Available with USB 3.0 and GigE interfaces
  • Easy integration thanks to Basler’s pylon Software
  • A wide range of matching visSWIR vision components
  • Top price-performance ratio for a complete visSWIR Vision System
  • Known reliability and longevity of Basler products with 3-year warranty

Check out Basler’s SWIR portfolio

For the visSWIR cameras, Basler is providing a wide range of extensively tested and fully compatible matching visSWIR vision components:
  • visWIR Lenses with high transmittance at whole wavelength of 0.4–1.7 µm. Lenses are instrumental in determining image quality and in Basler’s selection you will find the perfect fit for your ace 2 X visSWIR camera,
  • Optical SWIR Filter with different bandwidths for all focal lengths and diameters,
  • SWIR selection of Basler Lights with different wavelengths. No other component in a vision system can fully compensate for poor lighting,
  • SWIR selection of Interface Cards – both USB 3.0 as well as GigE Interface Cards for image acquisition in your host PC are available,
  • IP67 SWIR Housing offers perfect protection of the SWIR camera from dust, dirt, and water. You can rely on its compatibility and robust performance.

Use the SWIR cameras in various applications

The ace 2 X visSWIR cameras are designed for detecting fill levels, shining a light through complex structures, detecting hidden objects, or checking security features in a wide range of applications:

  • Silicon Wafer inspection: silicon is transparent in SWIR light so defects like voids, fractures, and impurities become visible—no X-Ray needed!
  • Temperature Indication: Basler visSWIR cameras deliver high-resolution images for detecting temperatures above 250 °C
  • Display Inspection: SWIR technology provides the high optical resolution needed to detect even small surface defects
  • Solar Inspection: inspection ranging from individual silicon blocks to complete photovoltaic cells
  • Recycling: detection of misdirected waste (e.g., detecting plastic in residual waste)
  • Sorting: separation of different types of plastic
  • Blister Control: precise control to check the correct position and completeness of blistered products
  • Dental: accurate visualization of cavities under the enamel surface of teeth or between adjacent teeth
  • Blood Inspection: SWIR cameras provide detailed insights (e.g., to detect blood veins and distinguish bacterially infected tissue)
  • Traffic Inspection: SWIR technology provides high-quality images for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) even at high speeds
  • Security: the smallest details can be made visible, even at night or in poor weather conditions
  • Tolling: SWIR technology can be used for safety reasons and to identify toll evaders
  • Red Light Enforcement: offering detailed image and video material (mandatory for use as legally admissible evidence) by using SWIR vision systems
  • Sorting: harvesters equipped with Basler visSWIR cameras enable immediate sorting between ripe and unripe fruits and vegetables.
  • Health: crops can be closely inspected and examined for quality or the necessity of treatment
  • Land Management: these cameras help optimize the management of agricultural land, allowing digitalization in agriculture
  • Food Quality: identification of defective fruits and vegetables, even with unblemished surfaces

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