Basler pylon software package with vTools for machine vision

Basler pylon 7.4 update provides comprehensive software support for machine vision, including support for the newest V CXP-12 cameras and much more. The pylon software package includes many vTools that will improve your machine vision applications.

Extensive software support for machine vision

As an experienced producer of imaging devices, Basler provides a comprehensive software solution that is essential for your machine vision needs. Basler Software, at the core of our machine vision portfolio, seamlessly integrates with all our products.

From camera configuration and image acquisition to advanced processing and application software , Basler Software offers a comprehensive package. Our software enables you to fine-tune and optimize our products for your specific machine vision application.

Whether configuring frame grabbers, employing the ideal software for embedded vision systems, or visualizing 3D data from ToF cameras in the pylon Viewer, Basler Software empowers you to make the most of our technology.

pylon software

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What’s new?

pylon vtools

In pylon 7.4 update, Basler introduces an enhanced Flat-Field Correction tool for the latest boost V CXP-12 cameras, optimizing your image processing capabilities.

This release adds support for the newest boost V cameras and CXP-12 interface cards. Correcting image artifacts caused by variations in pixel brightness is now simplified thanks to the new Flat-Field Correction tool. The camera firmware handles the final correction, ensuring real-time processing and perfectly calibrated images.

pylon vTools – most important features

Easily create and fine-tune image processing functions in the pylon Viewer Workbench. Select, configure, and test individual processing steps in vTools, then save them as Recipe files for your applications. Test and adjust processing steps in real-time with live images for optimal performance.

Integrate these functions into your apps with pylon APIs. Simplify code reading with user-friendly vTools for Barcodes, QR Codes, and Data Matrix codes. Watch our video to explore how Basler’s vTools enhance your applications.

Basler pylon vTool software package

Algorithm for simple and robust matching.

Template Matching licenses in pylon vTools offer simple model training and robust recognition of intensity patterns on live images. Create models from live or file images, ensuring accuracy with normalized cross correlation, which makes it robust against edge deformation, rotation and blur. Images can be aligned with object positions from matching for further processing

Fast and reliable QR code recognition.

QR Code Reading includes pylon vTools for QR code recognition and decoding. These licenses provide a straightforward implementation for achieving outstanding QR code recognition with great recognition rates.

High performance image preprocessing.

The Preprocessing license offers vTools for performing arithmetic, smoothing, and morphology operations on images. These high-performance algorithms allow you to enhance, mask, or adjust image features to optimize them for further image processing steps.

Fast and reliable PDF417 codes recognition.

Included in these licenses are pylon vTools tailored for PDF417 code recognition and decoding. This user-friendly tool offers a swift and accurate pathway to recognizing PDF417 codes, known for its versatility and widespread use – an indispensable asset in various industries like transport, logistics, and identification systems.

Measure distances along lines and geometric shapes.

The Measurements license in pylon includes a vTool for distance measurement along a single line. Users can easily select a live image or load a model image, draw a measurement rectangle with a mouse, and measure distances between edges. The Pro Version enhances this by allowing measurement along geometric shapes (rectangles, circles…).

Algorithm for simple and robust shapes and objects recognition.

The Geometric Pattern Matching licenses offer pylon vTools for effortless shape model training and high-performance shape recognition on live images. Create models by marking live or file images, aided by an automatic edge detection algorithm for efficient contour recognition. Align images with matched object positions for further processing.

Fast and reliable recognition of Data Matrix codes.

The licenses for reading Data Matrix codes encompass pylon vTools designed for the recognition and decoding of these codes. These tools are user-friendly and offer the most efficient route to achieving robust Data Matrix code recognition with industry-leading accuracy rates.

Machine learning based object recognition.

Color Blob Analysis licenses in pylon offer vTools for advanced blob analysis tasks that can’t be solved using grayscale thresholding techniques (identifying by color). Quickly select object pixels in a live or file image and perform training within seconds. Combined with additional pylon vTools for region morphology and object filtering, you can achieve robust, accurate, and high-performance region, object, and structure identification and analysis.

Precise transformation from pixel to real-world coordinates.

The Calibration and Rectification license offers a pylon vTool for the swift and straightforward calibration of cameras, enabling distortion correction and the conversion of pixel coordinates to real-world values. Create a precise transformation model to accurately map object positions, angles, or dimensions to their real-world coordinates.

Fast and reliable recognition of barcodes.

The Barcode Reader is used for recognizing and decoding a wide range of barcode types, up to 28 in total. These tools offer easy implementation, delivering the quickest route to robust barcode recognition with the best recognition rates.

Fast and reliable recognition of Aztec Codes.

Aztec code reading licenses feature pylon vTools designed for the recognition and decoding of Aztec codes. Their seamless implementation offers the quickest route to reliable Aztec code recognition with the best recognition rates.

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