Profile sensors with larger measuring fields

Micro-Epsilon has extended it’s scanCONTROL LLT30xx profile sensor series with two profile sensors with larger measuring fields. These profile sensors open up new possibilities for 2D/3D profile measurements across diverse industrial applications. A single sensor can now handle tasks that previously required multiple sensors, which leads to greater cost-effectiveness in contactless profile measurements.

Enhanced precision and efficiency in sensor technology

Micro-Epsilon is one of the leading high-precision sensor manufacturers worldwide. Their scanCONTROL 2D /3D laser series profile sensors do not need an external controller. They offer a premium, cost-efficient solution for industrial applications.

These sensors offer contactless detection, measurement, and profile assessment of diverse target surfaces across numerous industries.

New possibilities for diverse industrial applications

Confocal Sensor Systems Micro-Epsilon

Micro-Epsilon has expanded its scanCONTROL LLT30xx series by introducing two models with larger measuring fields. This enables precise profile measurements across a wide range of surfaces. The measuring fields of scanCONTROL LLT30xx-430 and scanCONTROL LLT30xx-600 are up to 560 x 390 mm  and 788 x 610 mm, respectively.

The enlarged measuring fields present new possibilities for 2D/3D profile measurements in diverse industrial applications. These applications include automation, machine building, quality assurance, production, and process monitoring. A single new sensor can now handle tasks that previously required multiple sensors.

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Profile sensors for fine detail capture

The scanCONTROL LLT30xx laser profile scanners deliver calibrated 2D profile data at rates of up to 9.6 million points per second. To allow seamless integration into production lines and machinery, they are equipped with an integrated controller and multiple interfaces (Profinet, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP). With a maximum profile frequency of 10 kHz, these scanners feature innovative exposure control. This enables precise profile measurements in fast and dynamic processes.

Their high-resolution sensor matrix offers a resolution of 2,048 points per profile, facilitating measurements of exceptionally fine surface and geometric details. They feature remarkable accuracy, high profile frequency, and impressive versatility and adaptability. These profile sensors are ideal for demanding applications, including angle, step, gap, distance, and circle measurements.

Confocal Sensor Systems Micro-Epsilon

Easy integration into application software

confocalDT IFD2411 controller with EtherCAT

The scanCONTROL LLT30xx sensors can capture a profile from individually calibrated points for each measurement. These profiles can be used individually or grouped together in a block (container set) and then transferred to your custom applications as an array (individual profile) or as a matrix (block of profiles). In addition to the data transfer from individual measurement points together with their supplementary details (such as intensity or counter reading), the sensor’s complete configuration can be controlled through your dedicated application software as well.

Micro-Epsilon offers diverse tools for configuring and transferring data. Software development kits (SDKs) are accessible for C/C++/C#, Python, VB.NET, along with integration examples for LabVIEW, Linux, Cognex VisionPro, and the GigE Vision interface. Further details about these tools can be found here.

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