Precise, flexible, and smart Incremental Encoders

The universally applicable industrial incremental encoders by Hengstler, the ICURO RI58, are distinguished by their remarkable precision, signal accuracy and flexibility. Their robust design ensures their efficient operation under adverse conditions and provides a guarantee of safety throughout their standard service life.

Measure and monitor motion and position

Incremental encoders play a crucial role in measuring and monitoring rotational motion or positional changes within various industrial and automation systems. They operate by generating electrical signals in response to incremental alterations in the position, speed, or direction of a rotating shaft, thereby offering real-time feedback. This instantaneous data concerning rotational motion, coupled with their cost-effectiveness and reliability, renders them indispensable in numerous applications.

When it comes to designing rotary encoders, Hengstler consistently pushes the boundaries of what’s physically achievable! Their ICURO RI58 incremental encoders surpass the standard norms!

Incremental encoders ICURO RI58 Hengstler

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Highly accurate Incremental Encoders

While the resolutions of numerous industrial rotary encoders typically fall below 10,000 strokes or rely on mathematical interpolation techniques to achieve higher resolutions from lower ones, the unique optical design of the ICURO RI58 allows for an actual resolution of 10,000 pulses per revolution (PPR).

Furthermore, Hengstler’s incremental encoders offer an output of up to 40,000 steps and high-resolution angle measurement with consistent repeat accuracy. Moreover, they remain unaffected by temperature variations, loading conditions, or aging effects.

Maximum design freedom

The ICURO RI58 modular system boasts more than 50 million potential standard product configurations, providing designers with maximum design flexibility. This extensive range of options includes various flange and electrical connection choices, contributing to this unparalleled freedom.

Should these options prove insufficient, Hengstler provides a completely customized product tailored to the user’s needs. These custom solutions always come equipped with a suitable electrical interface and the option for a wide-range supply voltage of 3–38 VDC. Additionally, custom products can be swiftly implemented upon request.

Incremental encoders ICURO RI58 Hengstler

Incremental Encoders make conditional monitoring easy

ICURO RI58 application - packaging

The ICURO RI58 facilitates ongoing self-monitoring through an error/”everything-in-order” signal and an option of grouping this information into a “system alarm” via parallel connection. It can detect a range of operational errors, such as glass breakage and contamination, overtemperature and overload, as well as voltage drops.

The RI58 finds optimal use in various applications, including machine tools, CNC axes, packaging machines, injection moulding machines, sawing machines, and engines. In the event of a malfunction, it emits an alarm signal that can either be visually displayed or transmitted to a controller.

Have full confidence in the ICURO RI58 family

A robust product design ensures that encoders are not only capable of operating effectively under adverse conditions but also guarantees their safety throughout their standard service life. This reliability also mitigates the risk of unexpected operational failures.

The encoders feature:

  • High shock tolerance,
  • IP67 degree of protection,
  • A temperature range spanning from -40°C to +100 °

Additionally, Hengstler’s commitment to high delivery reliability ensures that the ordered products reach the customer precisely on time!

Incremental encoders ICURO RI58 features

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