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Cam Switches allow you to perform make and break operations in a sequential way by an easy turn of your hand. In the role of a motor-, main-, control- or instrument-switch, they help you control multiple circuit functions in a wide variety of industrial applications.

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Top-quality Cam Switches for ultimate control

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Our portfolio of cam switches includes an extensive variety of devices for virtually all purposes. They feature a compact, space-saving design, metal shafts and abrasion-proof markings on terminals. Use them to implement an effectively limitless number of switching programs in thermal current ratings (Ith) from 10 A to up to 1200 A.

You can choose from the top-of-the-class products from the renown companies:

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Check out advantages of Cam Switches

A cam switch is used to convert rotary- into linear motion with imparting motion on an object (i.e., a follower) that tracks the cam’s movement. Its benefits include, e.g.:

  • ease of use,
  • low price,
  • compact size,
  • no need for maintenance,
  • usability in AC and DC applications,
  • mounting diversity (e.g., panel door, enclosure),
  • contact diversity,
  • temperature independent operation,
  • short installation time,
  • long electrical and mechanical life, etc.
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Benefit from a great variety of options

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Cam switches come in various forms, e.g.:

Isolator switches are ON-OFF switches that enable you to isolate the power to a particular area of operation.

Applications: ON-OFF switching of the main-, control- and instrumentation circuits’ motor and other special application circuits.

Changeover switches allow you to operate two different circuits with a different number of inputs and outputs.

Applications: Power supply to generator changeover, Auto/Manual changeover, Standby/Remote changeover, and other special application circuits. Mainly used in distribution panels, UPS, etc.

Multistep switches allow you to connect different circuits to a common supply or vice-versa.

Applications: as tap changing switch for Transformer/Stabiliser and other special application circuits.

Voltmeter selector switches measure either voltages between phases or between phase and neutral.

Ammeter selector switches measure currents in different circuits.

You can typically use motor control switches for “Forward-Reverse”, “Two Speed Forward-Reverse” and “Star-Delta”. For the event of power failure and overload they are also designed with a contactor having a built-in tripping feature.

Gang switches increase the capacity of circuits by ganging in serial or parallel operations for different circuit capacities. While serialising enhances the power of the battery supply, paralleling enhances the power of the resistor.

Applications: control of the alternator and battery supply in railway coaches. Telecom panels and special application circuits.

Control switches energize contactors for controlling motor operations. Most of them are “Spring return” types for latching the circuit with NO contact and facilitating tripping by the tripping device.

Applications: a control switch with many positions is a unique alternative to multiple “Push Button Stations”.

and many more

Provide trouble-free and reliable operations

A range of couplings and stop mechanisms for trouble-free operation of switches with a very large number of contacts is available to you.

Also, a wide range of locks and interlocking devices, designed to prevent accidental or hazardous switching, can be supplied.

Key-operated and lockable cam switches are supplied with keys.

You can also choose from a range of padlock devices designed to prevent from being turned on by unauthorized personnel, or during maintenance and repair work.

You can benefit from cam switches in a wide range of control or load break applications. Some of the areas of applications are:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Beverage
  • Panel builders and electrical enclosure
  • Machine tools & Wood industry
  • Packaging
  • Kneading-trough
  • Cutting machines
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