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Switchgear are components that enable you to control, protect and isolate your electrical equipment. You can use it both to de-energize your equipment to allow work to be done and to clear faults downstream.

These devices are indispensable protectors in your application’s electrical system as they interrupt short-circuits and overload fault currents while maintaining service to unaffected circuits.

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Switchgear will also provides isolation of circuits from power supplies and enhance your system availability by allowing more than one source to feed a load.

Our portfolio covers a wide range of products and in it you will find equipment from:

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Safety Switching equipment is designed to protect your employees and applications against a variety of working hazards.

You can use our Cam Switches for virtually all purposes, e.g., as a motor-, main-, control- or instrument-switches. You can implement them in thermal current ratings (Ith) from 10 A to up to 1,200A. They feature a compact, space-saving design, aluminum drive shafts and abrasion-proof laser markings on terminals.

Main switches and Disconnect Switches are used in applications where you need to achieve high safety and current carrying capacity. You will be able to create versatile applications thanks to their compact designs and box terminals for large cable cross-sections. They feature high operational power ratings with up to 160A, multi-lock handles for high security and self-cleaning auxiliary contacts, which are suitable for electronic circuits.

You can find motor protection Circuit Breakers in four sizes with short-circuit breaking capacity. They can be supplied with connected contactors and used as fuseless motor feeders. You can achieve the desired electrical and mechanical connection between circuit breakers and contactors with the use of specially designed adapters.

Manual Motor Starters will protect your electrical motors against thermal overload, short circuits, and phase failures. They also come with switch position-indicator and protection from automatic restart in combination with Under Voltage Release.

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Push buttons will enable you time and cost savings thanks to the modular design of their control and signal units. You will also achieve high level of contact reliability thanks to their self-cleaning auxiliary contacts suitable for electronic circuits. In addition, they feature up to IP67 protection degree, you can laser-mark them and much more.

Contactors are electrical devices used for switching an electrical circuit on or off.  They are used in high current carrying capacity applications with, while relays are used for lower current applications.

Electrical Foot Pedals allow you to fulfill additional control tasks. Durable industrial foot pedals offer functionalities adapted to easy, harsh or dangerous operating conditions.

Our robust and custom-equipped Portable Control Panels are designed for wired control and thus suitable for your use as emergency control units, among other applications.

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