Schmersal position switches series PS

Position switches from Schmersal, which, due to their modular design, can be used in just about any application, are designed for higher safety when working with machines.

Detect position of moving machine parts

Position switches have a long tradition at Schmersal and are one of their main areas of their operation. Following the successful and established PS116 series of limit switches, the company is now continuing the tradition with the PS series of switches.

They offer you two groups of position switches PS2xx and PS3xx. With both groups, you will ensure high safety when working with machines, category 1 according to the ISO 14119 safety standard. Due to the high requirements of the safety standard, you will reliably protect the processes in detecting the position of moving machine parts and protective equipment. This will allow you to use the limit switches in all industrial environments.

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Use position switches in tough environments

Schmersal position switches series PS

The position switches are available in a plastic or metal housing that offers protection from the effects of the IP66 and IP67 environment. The cross section of the switch housing of the PS2xx group reaches 30 x 30 mm, and the housing of the PS3xx group measures 40×40 mm.

In the latter group, an extended version of the 59mm housing is also available. As with the PS116 series switches, it is also possible to easily exchange different types of activators with both new series, and it is also easy to set the actuator rotation in 45° increments.

Get to know the features of the PS series

Both groups of switches are available with up to three pop-up or sliding contacts. All peace contacts are positively managed which, in accordance with the IEC 60947-5-1 standard, allows you to use them for security purposes.

In combination with safety modules, an individual switch can be used up to the safety level PL d. However, if you use two switches, you achieve a safety level of PL e, in accordance with the European safety directive ISO 13849-1.

Connection is possible with M20 or M12 connector. For faster connection, the contact connections are rotated 45 °. In the case of plastic versions, the cover closes on a pin, which additionally saves installation time.

Schmersal position switches series PS

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Schmersal position switches series PS

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