DC Circuit Breakers for Photovoltaic Systems

DC circuit breakers from Benedict GmbH are specially developed for solar photovoltaic power supply. With innovative DC-Switch Disconnectors and DC contactors, ensure the circuit protection in the solar power plant during various interventions to avoid any mishaps.

Safely disconnect solar PV systems with DC circuit breakers

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have become an important source of energy due to many environmental and economic benefits. They are proven to be safe and reliable.

These PV systems produce up to 1000 V DC output. Therefore, they must be disconnected from the DC/AC-Inverter in the event of an intervention or some other reason, e.g., maintenance. DC circuit breakers from Benedict GmbH make this possible. Their DC-Switch Disconnectors (LS series) and DC contactors (K3DC and K3PV) are designed specifically for solar PV power supply systems (IEC 60364-7-712) and are essential for safety.

DC Circuit Breakers Benedict GmbH

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Take advantage of the innovative DC-Switch Disconnectors

DC-Switch Disconnectors

DC-Switch Disconnectors from Benedict interrupt the DC/AC-Inverter from the solar-panels. They feature an innovatively designed trigger latch mechanism. It is designed in such a way that there is no direct connection between the lever and the contact system. Since the switching speed therefore does not affect the switching performance, both are independent of the operator.

The required switching torque is low, only 1 Nm.

Prevent electric shock with DC contactors

Benedict’s contactors for DC-switching, used as fire protection defeat devices, can switch off the photovoltaic installation with a remote-controlled fire brigade emergency-stop button.

They can be controlled via main fuses or by remote turning off the main switch. This interrupts the DC/AC-Inverter from the solar-panels and prevents the risk of electric shock.

DC contactors Benedict

Check the characteristics of the DC circuit breakers

DC Contactors application
  • The possibility of serial or parallel wiring of the contacts increases the contact rating
  • The construction of the contacts and the material selection prevent development of oxidation and inadmissible heating-up
  • Switch disconnectors „LS“ ensure a reliable switching up to 85 A with 1500 V in the category DC21B (DC-PV1)
  • The switching speed at the manually operated handle does not have an effect on the switching attitude of the contacts
  • The compact design ensures resistance to vibrations
  • Contact self-cleaning function
  • High reliability of the attitude of the contacts

Use the DC circuit breakers for various purposes

DC circuit breakers are not only protective devices for the solar PV systems, but also an important part of industries that require heavy inputs e.g., they involve machinery which can require plenty of energy and precision. One such example is Arc Welding.

In addition, they are crucial for the correct operation of LED lamps, electric vehicles and other DC electrical devices, e.g., for charging stations for electric vehicles, electric motors which require direct current, powering fuse boxes in both electric and gas cars, and much more.

The stations that supply DC power facilitate higher power charging of car batteries, which is why they are suitable for establishing a larger charging infrastructure both of EV charging points for business and public.

DC circuit breakers application

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DC circuit breakers Benedict

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