Electronic Timer with 5 operating functions

K3-T180 240 Electronic Timer from Benedict is a multifunctional product that allows you easy selection of operating functions and time ranges.

Select reliable and accurate operation

An Electronic Timer K3-T180 240 from Benedict is a multi functional product that replaces henceforth unavailable Pneumatic Timer K2-TP. It features 5 operating functions and 4 time ranges in one device.

With a simple selection of the preferred operating function and desired time range, you can easily, accurately and reliably operate the timer across it’s entire operating voltage (24–240 V AC/DC). The best thing is, that you won’t need an additional auxiliary power supply to do so.

Electronic Timer K3-T180 240 Benedict

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Features of the Electronic Timer K3-T180 240

Electronic Timer K3-T180 240 Benedict
  • Operational voltage Ui: 400 V
  • Utilization category AC1: 250V, 5A
  • Utilization category AC1: 24V, 5A
  • Ambient temperature, operation: -5–+60 °C
  • Ambient temperature, storage: -40-+70 °C
  • Cable cross section: 0,5–4 mm²
  • Terminal screws: PH1
  • Tightening torque: 1 Nm
  • Fuse: max. 5 A

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Electronic Timer K3-T180 240 Benedict

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