Blue laser scanner for non-contact profile measurement

The Micro-Epsilon blue laser scanner is preferably used for profile measurements on red-hot glowing metals, as well as transparent and organic surfaces. Take advantage of the scanCONTROL laser scanners that achieve excellent signal stability and thus precise measurement results on these surfaces.

Detect the finest of details with high profile resolution

Laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon are among the highest performing profile sensors in the world with respect to accuracy and measuring rate.

The LLT2900-10BL laser scanner has a measuring ranges x-axis 10 mm and z-axis 8 mm. The resolution of the scanner is 1 µm, and the line linearity is 0.1 %.  According to measuring speed, you can choose between a standard model (up to 300 Hz) and a “high speed” model (up to 2000 Hz).

Due to its compact design and high profile resolution, this laser scanner can be used for checking the product quality during manufacturing, as a precision laboratory instrument or for of a robotic arm control.

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Perform numerous measurement tasks

The blue laser scanner is used in applications where the highest precision and resolution are required, such as precision mechanics, electronics, medicine and in the production of precision parts. Benefit from it to:

  • Find the edge points of the profile and determine the coordinates
  • Measure the angles on the profile
  • Look for notches or damage on the surface of the product
  • Check electronic components for positional tolerances
  • Check the position of razor blades relative to each other
  • Measure the size or dimensions of the hole
  • Verify laser-welded seams for completeness

Blue laser scanner for different applications

Sensors with a red laser often provide faulty signals with red-hot glowing metals as a high proportion of infrared radiation influences the sensor element. In contrast, the blue laser scanner is insensitive to red radiation.

Unlike the red laser, the blue laser light does not penetrate the semi-transparent measurement object and projects a sharp point or a sharp line, enabling reliable measurements.

As the red laser changes the molecular composition of organic materials, it is not suitable for their measurement. Also, red laser penetrates the object and does not reflect off its surface.

A special version of scanner for gap detection is available, intended for detecting and advanced measurement of gaps and crevices.

blue laser scanner Micro-Epsilon

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blue laser scanner Micro-Epsilon

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