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Other Automation Devices in addition to the main elements, play a key role in the reliable operation of your equipment. Devices from various fields of industrial automation, e.g., connectivity, power supplies, signalling, control, etc., will allow you to automate your production more effectively and consequently increase your operational efficiency. Choose the perfect device for every part of your automated process from our extensive selection of products.

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Other automation devices

In our Other Automation Devices portfolio you will find equipment from the following top manufacturers:

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Cables are indispensable as your devices are only as good as the options for integrating them in your controls. For this reason, our extensive selection encompasses everything from Cables, to Interconnects and Base Stations that come in handy for your application. We offer high quality and reliable Single-ended, Double-ended, Sensor, Pneumatic, Communication and Power cables, suitable for all industrial automation applications.

Quality Connectors (e.g., Sensor-, Actuator-, Valve-, Data-, Power-, Panel-, Pneumatic & Hydraulic-, Field – Wireable-, etc.), I/O-Junctions, Adapters, Y-/T-Splitters, Cable Glands, and Connection & Distribution Boxes. They all allow you easy visual identification, rapid and safe assembly, and installation with simple or no tooling. Our Interconnects have long life cycle, the ability to operate in harsh conditions (e.g., with high levels of vibration, exposure to hazardous elements, temperature extremes, etc.), and they provide safe high-speed information and communication services.

Power Supplies helps reduce energy loss in your production process as well as contributes to the electrical safety of your employees. To cover all power supply solutions in range of 0.5– 24,000 W at different grades and meet your application requirements, we offer a vaste range of products including: AC/DC converters (Power Supplies), LED Drivers, Battery Chargers, DC/DC Converters, Inverters, Transformers, a great variety of Contactors, and much more.

Signal Transmitting Devices pass optical or electrical signals across rotating interfaces. Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs) are to optical signals what electrical Slip Rings are to electrical signals, particularly when transmitting large amounts of data. FORJs maintain the intrinsic advantages of fiber end to end. Multiplexers & Media Converters are designed to provide reliable fiber optic transmission of your video and data signals in the platforms operating in harsh environments.

Visual and Audible Signalling Devices signal status information at many critical points in your automated systems and installations to help you keep high productivity and efficiency. We offer an extensive range of individually combinable, pre-assembled or custom Signal Towers, single- or multi-color Signal Lights, Acoustic Signalers and Telephones.

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LED Lighting ensures a clear view in and on your production facilities as well as manual workstations. Our high-quality LED Machine- and LED Workplace Luminaires are functional and ergonomic, their robust design and incredible lifespan allow you maintenance-free use in a wide range of applications, where reliable, bright, and even illumination is required, even in harsh environments.

Mounting Devices help you reliably mount and – if necessary – easily align your devices. We offer a wide range of Mounting Brackets, Clamps, Support / Suspension Arm Systems, Rod Mounts, Sliding Blocks, Coupling Towers, Keyboard Systems, Muting mounting Systems, Alignment Aids and much more.

Enclosures for your electrical and electronic equipment prevent electrical shock to the equipment users and protect the contents from the environment. Our extensive offer of steel sheet, stainless steel and extruded aluminium enclosures encompasses: Low-carbon-, HSLA-steel-, Power Center-, MCC- and Secondary Distribution Cabinets, Enclosures for harsh environments, Operator Control Panel & HMI Enclosure Systems, and Kiosk & Stand Systems.

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