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Eta Enclosures is recognized as a global benchmark manufacturer of high-quality enclosure solutions for the Industrial automation, LV energy distribution and IT business.

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Since ETA was established in 1978 in Italy, the company gained 40+ years of experience in steel sheet, stainless steel and extruded aluminum production. It has established itself as a global reference in the market of unwired electrical cabinets.

  • Enclosure solutions for industrial automation

  • Enclosure solutions for harsh environments

  • Enclosure solutions for LV power distribution

  • Enclosure solutions for IT

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ETA group has two production sites in Italy – one in Canzo, for the early stages of production and a second one in Albavilla, for the final stages. In Italy they also have a logistic center.

Their two Overseas commercial subsidiaries are located in England and France, a branch office in Cyprus (for the Middle East market) and an extensive sales network throughout Italy and around the world in more than 40 countries.

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Within their laboratory their engineers can Imagine, Design and Build new innovative products and solutions. There they can also develop custom projects for their business partners. In their research center for the R&D they can study your needs and each part of a project can be tested, thanks to the production systems entirely dedicated to prototypes and testing. This way they can choose the most efficient and effective solution.

They also have their own department for Quality and Safety, to be on the avant-garde when it comes to certifications and the sector’s regulations and standards, and to respond to the precise and unique market requests, thanks to a dedicated laboratory equipped with all necessary tools and equipment.

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