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Control equipment for industrial applications encompasses control devices that help you control your industrial production processes. It provides ideal control at your production site through Industrial Counters, Industrial Controllers, Process Indicators, Data Recorders, Control Stations & Joysticks and other associated components.

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control equipment

In our comprehensive portfolio you can find a wide range of Control equipment products designed to deliver accuracy, stability, reliability and quality, making them particularly suitable for application(s) requiring high levels of precision.

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A wide range of control equipment

Process Indicators will allow you to monitor process information by displaying temperature, pressure, flow, and humidity. Some Indicators may re transmit the obtained data to other field devices.

Data Recorders are designed for the process industry where you need to monitor the temperature or process parameters by logging over a period of time. In this way you can fulfil certain regulatory and certification requirements and/or use the data to analyse and communicate the efficiency of your application.

Portable Digital Multimeters (DMMs) are designed to combine the functions of different Meters (e.g., Sound Level-, Light-, Humidity, Temperature, etc.). They are ideal Multifunction Environment and DMM Instruments with scores of practical applications.

Control Stations and Joysticks enable your auxiliary or direct control and management of machines and processes in industry, public transport, construction sites, harbors, and much more.

On the account of the highly hands-on, rough nature of industrial applications, our industrial Control Stations and Joysticks are distinguished by their reliable operation, durability, safety and long service life. Apart from the functionalities, external conditions, workload and electrical components to realize general requirements in their production, also your special and even complex requirements are considered.

Industrial Counters record and display the number of particular events or processes, often in relation to time. As one of key components in digital circuits, you can implement them in industries using digital clocks and timers, oven timers, VCR clocks, etc. You can register number of events with Totalizing Counter and see the result as a digital numerical value.

Multifunctional Counters offer you a wide range of functionalities and can therefore easily be adapted to meet the individual needs of your application e.g., Preset Counters have controller function, Time Counters display the duty cycle of installations, machines, and appliances, Tachometers record events that occur in a particular time sequence. Position Displays basically work the same way as Multifunctional Counters, displaying the data about the position of the measured item.

Industrial Controllers receive data from sensors measuring process variables, compare them with desired setpoints and derive command functions to control your process through control elements. They provide you with performance and quality gain in the plastics, ovens & furnaces, packaging, food & beverage, and life science industries. Choose Single Loop Temperature and Process Controller for systems requiring a single control loop or discrete devices.

Multi Loop Temperature and Process Controller helps you manage several zones simultaneously to stabilize the temperature of environments. Generally, behind panel, it supports various fieldbus options allowing for easy integration with other devices within your machine or a wider plant network. Use Limit Controllers in process control applications where independent limit switching for over or under temperature is required.

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control equipment

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