Thyristor power controllers for improved machine efficiency

CD Automation offers you comprehensive range of quality thyristor power controllers (SCRs) to solve many of today’s machine frustrations. If you use single- or 3-phase to power your electrical process, SCRs will help you improve machine efficiency, the quality of the product, minimise downtime, reduce cost and add hours back to your day.

Provide more precise power control

Engineers are nowadays designing electric process heat systems using thyristor power controllers (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers or SCRs). These allow for more precise control of the heating process, extended heater life, improved product quality at faster production speeds and reduced maintenance costs compared to using a traditional mechanical contactor.

CD Automation offers you a wide range of static relays as well as multichannel power controllers for loads up to 3000 kW. These thyristor units are ideal for application required in the field of plastic materials, ovens, textile industry, etc. They provide fast, infinitely variable proportional control of electric power, have no mechanical parts to wear out and will not arc or be affected by dirty contacts.

Thyristor power controllers from CD Automation

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Save money with REVO S Thyristor Power Controllers

Designed to replace contactors, REVO S thyristor power controllers are suitable for currents up to 800 A and voltages up to 690 Vac. The REVO S is a simple on-off type device using DC logic signals from a temperature controller or similar control mechanism. These SCRs are available in single- and 3-phase formats.

Compact and low cost, the REVO S thyristors are suitable for all resistive switching applications. They help you reduce machine downtime, maximise cabinet space with space saving design, provide clean electricity as no interference is produced and are ideal for normal resistance, medium & long wave IR load types.

Use REVO S thyristors in many types of applications

REVO S thyristors power control optimization

REVO S thyristors handle heating elements for applications such as ovens and furnaces, heat treatment and a wide spectrum of electrical loads. These range from simple single-phase heaters up to complex high temperature-coefficient three-phase loads.

Power synchronization and peak power limiting are possible in combination with the REVO PC. This keeps the power within the limits of your energy contract.

Service REVO C Thyristor Power Controllers remotely

REVO C thyristor power controllers are designed to connect seamlessly with the outside world via Mobdus, Profibus and Profinet. They enable you to easily upload critical data within minutes and to take advantage of the remote support from anywhere in the world, with a wireless connection. All via CD Automation’s free smartphone/tablet APP.

These SCRs are available in single-phase or 3-phase control formats with current sizes up to 2100 A and voltages up to 690 Vac. Therefore, they cover every possibility and are suitable for all application types.

Benefits of the REVO C for you

REVO C thyristor power controllers
  • REVO C thyristors help you eliminate machine downtime by up to 95% and can reduce overall purchase cost by 90% over the product lifetime compared to traditional mechanical contactors
  • An intuitive application wizard automatically recommends configuration settings based on load type
  • You can connect seamlessly with the most popular Fieldbus systems via your management software
  • You can view and monitor critical data even with the cabinet door shut via a free smartphone APP
  • Software tools capitalise on valuable energy saving data with historic datalogging while CD Automation’s energy totaliser calculates your energy cost
  • UL 508 certificate helps reduce agency testing costs and shortens your project schedule

Check out features of the REVO S and REVO C

  • Can be used as separate units or as a multizone system with REVO PC
  • Load type: resistive or long to medium wave infrared (IR) lamps
  • Maximum load current: 30–800 A
  • Maximum load voltage: 480 Vac, 600 Vac or 690 Vac (above 60 A)
  • On/off zero cross firing with logic input on/off signal (4–30 Vdc)
  • Super fast fuses:
    • 30–40 A external or integrated fuse holder
    • >40 A: fixed fuses integrated
  • Optional:
    • modulating burst firing with 4–20 mA/0–10 Vdc input signal
    • heater break alarm
  • Designed for all load types including normal & variable resistance, medium-, long- and short-wave infrared (IR), transformer & inductive
  • Available in single- (phase to phase or phase to neutral) or 3-phase versions; 2-phase is also available for 3PH, 3 wire configurations with no neutral connection
  • Firing modes include Zero Cross, Burst, Half Cycle, Single Cycle, Delayed Triggering, Phase Angle with or without Soft Start
  • DC Logic (SSR drive), 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA or 0–10 V input control signals
  • Available in 20 amp sizes up to 2100 A and 3 voltage sizes, up to 480 V, 600 V and 690 Vac
  • “Plug and play” PC configuration software
  • Real character organic LED display intuitively provides setup and process data
  • Very easy wireless configuration and service with a free APP on your smartphone/tablet, or with the USB interface in combination with the free thyristor configurator software
  • Optional PowerManager touchpanel for an easy overview of actual power to the load. This panel can be accessed remotely for service
  • Supported by the Siemens TIA Portal, enabling easy integration with Siemens S7-1200/1500 PLC
  • Industry 4.0 ready and fitted with a MODBUS RTU RS-485 interface and optional ProfiNET, ProfiBUS, Ethernet/IP or MODBUS TCP interface
  • Optional SCADA HMI screen

Optimize control with REVO PN

The REVO PN multichannel power controllers are designed to handle applications with multiple zones. These enhanced units, thanks to a particular algorithm, minimize your energy costs through the synchronization and the power limit for each zone. They keep your instantaneous power within the limits of your electricity supply contract.

The REVO PN enhanced unit meets the modern need for connectivity, data acquisition, monitoring, and diagnostics of industrial plants via the most widely used field bus systems. It’s the ideal complement to your PLC/MULTILOOP for improved power control.

This compact and flexible solution with robust SCR junctions enables you control of the most complex loads such as IR lamps with high current peaks. REVO PN is ideal for controlling IR lamps for heating processes in PET bottle production, extruders and co-extrusion systems, ovens with IR lamps and multi-zone ovens.

Benefits of the REVO PN for you

  • Elimination of power overshoot
  • Power factor close to one due to zero crossing firing
  • REVO PN keeps your instantaneous power within the limit of your electricity supply contract
  • Prevents increases in energy supply tariffs imposed by your electricity supplier
  • Exceptionally space-saving and cost-effective heating solution
  • Quick return on investment
REVO PN Multichannel Power Controllers

Reduce power peaks with REVO PC

The REVO PC multichannel power controllers use the same control technology as the REVO PN series but keep the synchronisation and communication unit separate from the thyristor power management of the individual channels. The management is handled by the REVO S single-phase or multiple REVO Sx series units.

These power controllers provide total flexibility with synchronized switching and single loop integrity. You can use them to control heating elements with maximum voltages of 480 V, 600 V or 690 V. They are ideal for the control of IR lamps, resistors for extrusion and injection lines for plastics and elastomers. Use them also for controlling furnaces with IR lamps and multi-zone furnaces for glass, steel, and ceramics.

Check out REVO PN and REVO PC features

  • From 4 up to 24 power zones at 25A per fieldbus node, 480 Vmax for each module
  • Burst Firing, Half-Single-Cycle control
  • Each loop’s process information is managed independently
  • Engineering Tools for TIA Portal and Rockwell PLC examples
  • Modbus Master, Modbus slave, Profibus DP, ProfiNet, Modbus/TCP and other Field bus systems
  • Diagnostics of SCR temperature, SCR short circuit, open fuse
  • Calculation of instant current and RMS Voltage, Current/Power
  • Calculation of load resistance with Heater Break Alarm
  • Voltage swing compensation
  • Built-in extra-rapid fuses easy to replace
  • Current ratings from 3 A to 800 A, three-phase and single-phase connections complete with extra fast fuses
  • REVO PC control modules for 8- to 24-channel control of each fieldbus node, a dedicated current sensor input for each
  • Firing Mode: SC, HC and Dynamic Burst Firing
  • SSR for maximum accuracy, optional I/O modules, and temperature control boards
  • Engineering Tools for TIA Portal and examples for Rockwell PLCs
  • Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP integrated in the unit depending on the code selected
  • Heather Break Alarm

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REVO thyristor power controllers

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