Control station for multiple operators

Control station FSMMD from Spohn & Burkhardt is optimally suited for multi-shift operations as its memory function allows each operator to restore individual settings quickly and easily to save time. Users can take advantage of motorized seat and console adjustments for their maximum comfort and best workplace ergonomics.

Ensure ergonomic and functional control

Workers often spend many hours in control stations that must therefore be comfortable and ergonomic. Consequently, at Spohn & Burkhardt, a well-known manufacturer of joysticks and control stations, they equip their control stations with comfortable seats and various individual adjustment options as standard. Moreover, all settings can be stored with the memory function to facilitate shift work.

The control station FSMMD is optimized for multi-operator applications due to its memory function. It allows you to restore the seat position and other settings of various users quickly and easily. The seat and consoles positions are electrically adjustable in length, height, and inclination. Optional motorized rotation is available.

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Characteristics of the control station FSMMD

control station FSMMD Spohn & Burkhardt

Control station FSMMD is highly adjustable as each additional adjustment capability increases safety at your workplace.

  • Manual slew adjustment
  • Swivelling switch inlay
  • Electric front/back, up/down and angle adjustment
  • Electric front/back, up/down and angle adjustment
  • Electric backrest adjustment
  • Headrest with manual height and angle adjustment
  • Optional electric rotation
  • Additional foot rail can be manually adjusted up/down or swivel to the sides when not in use
  • Pneumatic
  • Electric height adjustment

Use cases

The FSMMD control station is the best choice in cases of shift work with multiple machine and device operators.

You can benefit from it in:

  • industry (steel plant, waste incineration, cement works, conveyor technology, …),
  • construction,
  • agriculture,
  • on ships,
  • in trains,
  • at ports,
  • etc.
control station FSMMD Spohn & Burkhardt

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