Electromechanical Machine Safety Equipment

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Electromechanical Machine Safety Equipment prevents access to hazardous areas or conditions until a safe state has been reached, safeguarding the process at the same time. It enables you the position monitoring of guard doors and non-contact protection of hazardous zones and danger points, as well as the mechanical position detection in various fields of application. Use it to provide a safer workplace with reduced liability and maximum productivity.

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Our wide Electromechanical Machine Safety Equipment portfolio comprehensively meets the requirements of hazardous point- and area protection.

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Ensure safety of operator and process

EN 1088 requires that hazardous areas on machinery and plant remain inaccessible until all dangerous machine movements have stopped. This can be achieved by installing different electromechanical safety devices on movable machine safety guards, consequently preventing various injuries to the employees.

In addition to the protection of personnel, machine safeguarding also focuses on a machines’ process. With Electromechanical Machine Safety Equipment you can avoid any unauthorised intervention in the running process, or any unexpected machine stop. Moreover, you can prevent damage to your machines, thus increasing productivity.

Electromechanical machine safety equipment

A large variety of equipment for various safeguarding

You will easily find a suitable and efficient safety solution in our extensive offer of the Electromechanical Machine Safety Equipment:

Safety Switches enable you to accurately monitor movable safety guards (e.g., safety doors, sliding grilles or flaps).

Different switches are available with a wide range of functions and different designs. We offer you: Safety switches with separate actuator, Safety switches for hinged guards, Position safety switches, Magnetic safety switches and Foot safety switches.

Safety Locking Devices prevent the inadmissible access of your employees until the guarded machine no longer poses a danger. They also protect a machines’ process as sudden interruption may cause damage to machine parts, resulting in loss of product.

In emergencies, different Safety Command Devices enable your workers to safely stop the machine by simply pressing a button or pulling a rope. You can choose from various Pull-wire E-Stop switches and E-Stop buttons.

Safety-Fieldbox that provides flexible, individually configurable safety solutions for complex machines and systems, as well as transmission of diagnostics and status information, will help you deploy condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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Both the requirements of the standards and product-specific features must be considered during the selection of the appropriate electromechanical safety device and its proper use. The effectiveness of the safety guard corresponds to the risk assessment, which must be carried out during the planning and design phase, taking all important boundary conditions, e.g., environment, machine, and function into account.

Let us help you choose the device that perfectly meets your needs, enabling you to develop the perfect machine safety solution for your employees and processes.

Electromechanical machine safety equipment

Benefit from Electromechanical Machine Safety Equipment in diverse applications

Use of electromechanical safety equipment

Machine tools must be equipped with a safety guard so that the operator of

  • presses,
  • drilling,
  • turning,
  • milling or
  • grinding machines,

cannot be injured by running chucks, rotating spindles or flying chips and liquids.

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