High security level RFID solenoid interlock

Safety solenoid interlock AZM400 from Schmersal uses RFID technology to detect the activator and locks the pin with a bistable motor drive, thus offering the highest level of protection.

Seamlessly send signals with RFID

The activator does not physically enter the solenoid interlock itself, but the motor-driven pin from the interlock engages in the actuator. The RFID activator, however, seamlessly sends signals to the safety solenoid intelock and allows for significant tolerances of door misalignment.

Emergency interlock unlocking versions:

  • unlocking with a triangular key
  • unlocking with integrated lever (T mark)
  • unlocking with the help of an additional power supply – UPS (mark E)

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Choose between 3 versions

Safety solenoid interlock AZM400

In the first version the interlock recognizes any suitable RFID activator. In the second version the interlock recognizes only the activator, with which it was evaporated when first switched on. The third version allows the evaporation to be repeated.


  • protection level PLe, SIL3
  • high level of coding
  • connecting in series
  • dual channel lock/unlock in P/P or P/N mode
  • individual coding
  • connection with connector
  • LED status indication
  • locking force 10.000 N

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